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  1. stinger599

    ktm kick starter stripped help!!!!

    The bike is a 2000 200exc if anyone has a kick starter. thanks
  2. I have a stripped kick starter. I was wondering since the gear part unbolts from the rest of the kickstarter can you just buy that instead of the hole kickstarter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. stinger599

    ktm 200exc swingarm help!!!

    I have a 2000 200exc with a broken adjuster bolt. I have tried everything but going to a machine shop. I am thinking of purchasing a used swingarm off of ebay. I need to know what swingarms will match up to my 200. There is a guy on ebay that has one for a 03 250sx that I would like to buy but I need to know if it will fit. Please help.
  4. stinger599

    wileyco. exhaust wr-yz400

    I Recently Purchased A Wileyco. Exhaust Off Of Ebay For My 98wr400f. I Was Hesitant At First Because I Had Never Heard Of This Company Before. But I Have To Say This Pipe Is Nice. It Is Stainles Steel Polished To A Nice Finish With A Good Fit. I Was Pleasantly Surprized With The Weight Savings Over Stock And The Deeper Queiter Exhaust Note. The Best Thing Was It Was Only 150.oo.... Money Well Spent... If Anyone Else Has One Let Me Know What You Think...
  5. stinger599

    footpegs 98? 99 and on

    Does Anyone Know What The Difference Is Between The Pegs On A 98 Wr400f And The Ones On The 99 And Newer Models Is. I Am Asking Because On Ebay There Are Lots Of Pegs For The 99-06 But None For 98. I Thought They Where The Same But I Need Help On Whether They Will Fit Or Not.