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  1. How can I check the level out in the boonies? I do not want to pull the springs out. I have oil. What level or mark can I use? Anyone ever add oil later without measuring? It was dirt in seal that caused temporary big leak. Just want to ad oil not take it apart. I can see this happening in Baja
  2. Has any one heard of someone using the 908 on something smaller than a 900? It looks like a great D S tire.
  3. I think the 908 would be a little smother on the Hwy. I just drove 220 hwy miles at 75 mph to go see the Baja 500. My Michelin is now a racing slick- but its much smother on the hwy now! Has anyone tried the 908 yet?
  4. Anyone use this tire yet? If so--please tell me what you have it on. It must not spin a lot. At advrider.com they put it on the 950's. I think it is to wide for a 525--- tell me it's not so !!
  5. One of these should work for me! Anyone have one- I have a 03 525 KTM. Real easy to spin the tire. Maybe these will get the power to the ground. Tell me what you know. Thanks
  6. They tell me it will fit. If it is to big just"TRIM IT DOWN" quote! the ad says the knobs are so big you can trim them to keep the edges sharp. Anyone have one on a 03 525 exc? Sounds like the one for me + dot too. Get the power to the ground.--- Sounds like fun.
  7. All American KTM in Ramona CA. said he can make a 525 street legal, but it must be new. He must file the paper work.
  8. hogair

    Non CA Spec Bike in CA

    If you are buying "NEW" all American KTM said he can make any 525's street legal. he's in Ramona, ca. Maybe he can do other bikes too. My 03 525 came from AZ. it had to have 8500+ miles on it to be brought into Ca. Not a problem. It didn't even have a horn or turn sigs.
  9. I have off road -Michelin in rear, Bridgestone in front. I just bought a 03 525 KTM street legal. How do knobbies hold on the road- do they give you any kind of warning they are going to break lose or do they just "Let Go" I'm having a great time on the street. I'm just building up the courage to go fast around the corners while leaning. Seems The Michelin is wearing out fast going 70+ on the freeway at 22 psi.
  10. Just changed the oil on my new to me 525. There was no 12x2 oring on the short screen plug. Wasn't leaking at all. Guess you just don't need it. I did put one back.
  11. hogair

    Krappy Kickstands

    BE VERY CAREFUL-------If you kickstand has not broke---- you do not own a REAL KTM------yours is a FAKE!!!!!
  12. The 3 that are not connected are black, red, and brown. Anyone know how they hook up to get the backlight to work?
  13. hogair

    2003 525 forks leak

    Mine started leaking today. Has anyone tried the Kaw or motion seals??
  14. I have a wrench and it worked fine with the wheel off the ground> here"s the #S. 4O static 115 with me on it. After I tightened 3 full turns. How do I measure the 10 mm preload. The book says 35 static, 90-105 with weight?