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  1. jdh263


    i would keep the xr if i was you, just keep trickin it out, ya know
  2. jdh263


    that must just be those guy's because my bike starts on the first kick every time. so just because those 2 goons couldn't start their bikes means thumpstar/upc sucks? how old are you? 12? either you are a kid or you are just ignorant. which is it?
  3. jdh263


    speedo is a ****in idiot. how can you talk trash about a bike that you have never ridden? you are crazy.
  4. jdh263


    i have a 110 that i paid $1200 for. i don't think that is overpriced. i have never had a problem with it running. or any problems with it. speedo, did you even think for a second that mabey your kid is better than the two people at your track?
  5. jdh263

    The bent peg mount blues...........

    i got a bbr footpeg mount for my thumpstar. The one for the CRF 50 worked. It was a little more than the red baron one, but it is THICK
  6. jdh263

    New Sikk 125 What can I do?

    julio is just mad because all he can afford is a huffy
  7. jdh263

    SSR 125-C3 & 125-C4 owners

    that is what i was thinking
  8. jdh263

    Tire mounting/dismounting?

    it isn't hard at all, do it yourself
  9. jdh263

    Tire mounting/dismounting?

    once yoiu have the tire and tube off take a long piece of ducktape and split it down the middle. Wrap it around the wheel where the spokes are so a spoke won't pop the tube if it comes loose.
  10. jdh263

    ssr better then thumpstar?

    as i have said in all the thumpstar threads, i love mine. i replaced the footpeg mount, some new suspension would be nice, but not needed. we ride on a track that was built for a big bike, that we are making it better for the little ones so there isn't a whole lot of jumping going on. We also like to trail ride which is great on the thumpstar. i have no comment on the ssr, but from what i have heard and seen i think it is a good bike. have fun on whatever you get, and try so save some extra $ to upgrade it because you will want to after no time.
  11. jdh263

    Need links to riding gear

    go pick up a dirt bike mag. The retailers in those usually have the whole set of gear (jersey, pants and gloves) for a discounted price.
  12. jdh263

    ssr better then thumpstar?

    i love my thump
  13. jdh263

    Bent foot peg mount

    That problem is common on most pit bikes. I bought a bbr footpeg mount for about $80. You could get a red baron one for about half that price, but i don't know how good that one is.