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    Trailriding my DRZ,surfing ,sailing ,and playing poker
  1. doolittle

    Ride the Redwoods in the Sequoia National Forest

    Hey,Im looking for a ride this week.How is your schedule.I live in san diego and am looking to ride some technical single track in your neck of the woods.Call me for info on bike,me,skills etc.Cheers,Chris Doolittle619-607-8120
  2. doolittle

    power question for 2004 e model

    How much should I expect to pay for this install ? Is the head gasket on this bike the restricted one?Can you recommend a mechanic in san diego Ca.Thankyou for your advice.Cheers
  3. doolittle

    power question for 2004 e model

    I have recently worn out a 2002 kicker with yosh full exhaust air and carb mods,i-cat spark enhancer.I took the bike in to my local dealer to put the yosh 450 kit in and the price went from $2,800.00 to $5,500.00 after they split the case and found everthing inside was worn past tolerances.Long story short,I bought a new 2004 e off the showroom floor that day and transfered all my aftermarket goodies to the new bike(carb suspension exhaust.I wold like to get some more power out of this bike.Please help Question-1 does this bike have the smaller head gasket.(Yes it is a Ca. bike) 2-say for $1000.00 parts and labor what will be the best bang for the buck in upgrades,cams, etc.or if you go this far should I do the complete yosh 450 kit?Thanks for your help,Chris