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  1. The HondaCRF450X is a green sticker bike. Buy and install a simple light kit and get it inspected and plates. No Problem!
  2. Honda CRF450X will take you anywhere.
  3. Honda CRF450X will take you anywhere and with plenty power. Enjoy shopping.
  4. First of all the 450x comes out of the box lean due to EPA standards. Very cold starter stock, after she warms up she's fine. When the mods where made to the top of the air box you induced more air into the box creating a leaner mix. There's no need to make the mod to the top of the air box, it runs like a beast already. Removing the screen in the air box, well helps maybe a little. There's no need to buy aftermarket kits for the carb, the stock carb will run just fine with a few adjustments. Again the bike is fast as hell so what more do you want.
  5. Lets start at the beginning. When you purchased the bike was it running right? Owner of a 2005 450X since 2007.
  6. Are you male or female? What's your weight? I had a 2008 XT 250 , male, weight 195, experience riding motorcycles 50 years. On Pavement, barely 55mph On trails, flat terrain OK In Colorado riding the passes (steep rocky roads), very poor power. Suspension very poor. Sold bike. The best bike would be Honda CRF250X with aftermarket light kit. Great power for on and off road along with great suspension. Kawasaki also makes a nice 250 with a lot better suspension than the XT. The new Honda 250 Sorry don't know much about. I also have a 1983 Honda XR250L stock that will run circles around the XT in power and suspension. I also own 2005 Honda CRF450X. This is the ultimate bike for on and off road.
  7. It depends on what kind of riding your going to be doing!
  8. YZF_R

    How do you put the drz on a stand

    Run the rear tire up onto a 2 x 4, this should give you enough height to slip the bike stand under the bike. If not stagger two 2x4's this should be enough height.
  9. That FMF Pipe was that modified to fit? How's the new race tech suspension setup feel, was it worth the money?
  10. Your Carb needs to be re-jetted. Change out the Pilot jet to a bigger one are make sure the stock one is not clogged.
  11. 2008 XT250 Speedo is in Kilo want to change to MPH Does anyone have a solution Owners manual and service manual is no help
  12. Anyone have the solution to change speedo from kilo to mph. The owerners manual and service manual is no help
  13. YZF_R

    Speedometer change to MPH

    I have an 2008 Yamaha XT 250 the speedometer and odometer are in kilometers I want to change to miles. The manual and service manual is no help. Does anyone know how to covert back to mph.
  14. YZF_R

    05 CRF450X Headlight Assy.

    mimafia17,,, Wow thanks for your time to explain what you did, it was great help. I got my wiring figured out and the kit is working now. the headlight assy does work off of 12 volts ac ( now working) the problem i had was getting to my 12volt dc source i was trying to tap off of the red/black wire (12 volt wire from battery) thats behind the headlight assy (oem wiring harness) the kit has a wire tap that you use to tap into the red/black (12 volt wire from battery)wire, i did not close the wire tap enough in order to break the insulation on the red/black wire and the wire from the dual sport kit wiring harness. so what i ended up doing is soldering the wires together now i have power to the harness and everything is working. thanks again for you help and your website rocks.
  15. YZF_R

    05 CRF450X Headlight Assy.

    i'm the guy that posted the original post. one question was, what dual sport kit did i use. i used the dual sport technology kit i was wondering what color wires on the head light assy went where on the headlight assy. itself mimafia17 website gave me alot of information mimafia17 mentioned on his website that the headlight bulb itself ran off of ac voltage. i thought it ran of of 12 volts dc, interesting mimafia17 what color wire off of the OEM harness did you use to tap into the 12 volt dc line for your homemade wiring harness kit