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  1. 05RMZ250-34

    Blaster Suspension mods?

    Sending the shocks out to be re valved may be a lil cheaper if you dont have the money for elka. But elka is the way to go. The brakes will be easy if you have a newer blaster to look at. On ebay theres bolt on kits that dont require any mods. Good luck wit your build I had fun with mine.
  2. 05RMZ250-34

    blaster project

    I think you should get an 04 or newer if you have the money, they have hydraulic brakes. Blasters are awesome projects if you are willing to spend the money. I built a trinity blaster a few years ago. It was fast but I didnt do any suspension mods.
  3. 05RMZ250-34

    Yamaha 2004 yfz450 with yz450f parts?

    Hey i just bought a 2004 yfz450, and was wondering if I put stock yz450f cams in if it would be an upgrade since the yfz motor is based off the wrf, also if putting the yz450f flywheel would fit since the yfz has a heavier flywheel.
  4. 05RMZ250-34

    4 Stroke Top Ends

    I only check mine when I here noises.........lol