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  1. I've had a TTR230 my WR450F and a Harley on craigslist, Thumpertalk and other places with no luck. Bad year?
  2. Got my barley used '05 in mint condition in early Jan '06 still have it, don't think i'd trade it for any other bike, owned most. I ride both desert and single track. It's great! Do all the free mods and jetting, it really comes alive.....yahoo!!!
  3. desert gorilla, Good drive from queen city. Yes it's west of the salton sea. Just less than two hours from the AZ/Ca border if you know where your going. Going interstate 8.........Queen city to Yuma 3 plus hrs, Yuma to the Wells, 2 to 2.5 hrs. get on MSN virtual earth and pick a spot. Have fun
  4. Already know about the dune's, any good single track riding around Yuma?
  5. I just had 3 virtrabra in my neck fused, so what about it? donuts, braces.......or quit riding (this won't happen!) Anybody ?
  6. I hear you loud and clear. I rode in the desert until iI was 27, moved north and rode motocross. Gave my last bike away 20 years ago. Now i'm riding a WR 450 at 54 years of age with the same respect for broken body parts as yourself. The guys I ride with are great, they ride single track,I never have, they have been all there lives. Thankfully they don't mind a little extra time on the trail wondering where i'm at, I always catch up, ha ha. I find the more I ride the better I feel, If no one can get away I'll ride fire trails to keep the brain in tune, this helps me with the whole mind thing. These new bikes are so much more forgiving. Standing up on my 4 stroke is the simplest way to get the front wheel off the ground and is easy to control with throttle once you relax. The thing that helps me the most is to visualize riding over that log or through the rut during the week. PS: Don't tell anybody but I wear all the protective products I can find, it helps......alot. Good Luck, From a Oldtimer
  7. Got on a new one and some extras at my dealer. 5 buck each.
  8. Hi, I am 46 and started riding about a year ago. I started with a street bike and didnt like it so tried a dirt bike and I am really starting to get into it. I am not into motorcross or anything like that but I just enjoy riding. I started way late in life but better late then never. I have always wanted to ride. I ride a TTR 230 yamaha. Happy riding.