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  1. RMZ450-Rider

    2005 Hot Start Conversion

    Thanks for all the input guys. I'll give it a shot. BTW... I did see the Dr D system before posting this, but didn't see the cable. According to these replies, it seems I can just go buy the RMZ 250 cable from the local shop, bike bandit, etc... and add that with the Dr D system. I'll try that. Appreciate all the input.
  2. RMZ450-Rider

    06 RMZ450 price

    Sounds like a great price to me.
  3. RMZ450-Rider

    2005 Hot Start Conversion

    I'm converting my beloved MX weapon ('05 RMZ 450) into a woods weapon and would like to move the hot start up near the clutch so I don't have to reach down to use it. This is mostly for hare scramble starts, and I can't see myself getting off the line good with the routine I have to go through now. I've done quite a bit of digging, but I can't seem to find a conversion kit for this. Does anyone know of one? I would need the entire kit (perch, cable, etc...). I'm pretty sure the '06 has a hot start lever up next to the clutch. Does this entire assembly fit the '05? Any help will be greatly appreciated.