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    Diving, fishing, football, exploring, atv-ing, you name it I'll live it
  1. Scoobaman17

    What should I get?

    enough said. lol. Ok if I were to get a quad for the sake of argument, would anyone suggest somehting in particular? My friend has a suzuki 400z that he loves. How does that go if anyone has ever had experience with it? I also found this : Honda TRX450R. How do those go?
  2. Scoobaman17

    What should I get?

    Also, what do people think about the raptor 350 ? too small or too bad or what?
  3. Scoobaman17

    What should I get?

    I played football all four years of highschool, I'm not fat and weak so I can handle a lot more then you might think. Also about the "I live in cali thing" Yes I do live in cali but that doesn't mean I'm rich enough to buy my own 8 thousand dollar bike by myself. I am a beginner. I'm looking for a fun ride that I can learn on and then upgrade as I exit college in about 4 years. I have been told to get a ride with the green sticker so thats a definate. I have checked out a few surrounding places and none of them have used. So thanks for that tip about the web site to buy used ones at. Thanks again. ~Chase
  4. Scoobaman17

    What should I get?

    Yeah the first suggestion is way too much. I don't need something crazy that I'll kill myself on in the first year but something I can take anywhere including mexico that will also be comfortable and let me have a ton of fun with. Also as far as prices go, I know they are worth it but I don't want to go over $5,000. I'm used to riding the rental atvs in cabo and I think they are awesome so I have no dought that something new like yamaha or honda will blow my mind away. So far everyone suggests dirtbikes. I'll look more into them but I know that as far as safty and such I'm not going to be going crazy enough to hurt me more then I have already done so. Still more advise is very much appreciated and I thank you all who said thier advise! ~Chase
  5. Scoobaman17

    What should I get?

    For years I have been traveling to Cabo San Lucas and one of my favorite activities there has always been riding ATV's. Now that I am 18 I am starting to look into buying an offroad toy. My uncle told me to get a dirtbike because they are safer????? I am 6'2" at about 190 pounds. I have only riden a dirtbike once and thougth I was going to die. So what do experienced people here have for advise? It'd help me out a lot and I don't want to end up getting the wrong thing. Thanks! ~Chase