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  1. Lasher

    Acerbis Hand Guards on 2006 WR450F

    I had the same prob on my WR250F , i tried everything incl. moving levers further down bars and eventually filed a bit off lever to make fit.Did u make the nylon insert or did u buy it ? If u bought it was it specifically for this prob?Sorry for all 20 questions but just really interested cos i had same prob.
  2. Recently bought a new WRF250 and it is still bogging.It bogs when u open the throttle quickly at low revs and it also is bogging when trying to go flat out.I ride at an altitude of approx.5500ft and temps are warm approx. 25 degrees celsius.I have a white bros. pipe from a yzf250 '05 on (full system).What settings do u suggest (jetting and any other mods). Would really like to get this bike running to its full potential!
  3. No, only jetting done.Should there be airbox mods with that pipe?
  4. Burned,i just bought an '06 wrf250 and it is not running well at all.I sent it in to be jetted at a local dealer who jetted it the same as his yzf250 '06.Is this correct or should the jetting be different?I live at an altitude of approx.6000ft.Temps are fairly warm- avg. of 20degrees.I have put on a White Bros. system (tailpiece and header).
  5. Lasher

    What pipe ?

    Just bought '06 WR250F . What pipe do u think is best for pepping performance? Must i jet the bike once i put a new pipe on it ? I live in high altitude - what u think?
  6. I'm not sure what to upgrade to. I currently own a CRF 230 F and my mates have got KDX 200's. I want something with more ability. Are the 250 4 strokes much more powerful than the 230 4 strokes or should i be looking at a 450 4 stroke. I've heard 450's are rather powerful !
  7. Lasher

    Husaberg FE450

    What's the general perception on Husaberg ? A good buy or not?