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  1. i agree xxxrated all theese comments about doing better jumps on a bmx are not needed americans (not all of them) but alot of them obviously have some need to showoff and tell everyone how great they are but do not back it up with any videos, no1 asked how high you can jump your bmx barbie bike and no1 could give a shit!!! stop talking out of ur ass and show us some footage! great video xxxrated
  2. i heard something once about gears that are like that (rotary gears of sumthin?) i heard that thats wot they do on cheap bikes and its not a good thing to have your gears are 4-down? is it semi auto or manual have you got a pic?
  3. wot shock would you suggest for someone with little money?
  4. i need some opinions on this shock do you think its worth the money? is it any good? and will it fit my bike? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PIT-BIKE-SPARES-OIL-REAR-SHOCK-XSPORT-THUMPSTAR-110cc_W0QQitemZ8048109504QQcategoryZ122304QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem heres a pic of my bike http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f254/dubroots125/DSC00890.jpg any advice appreciated thanks
  5. i am in need of a new exhaust for my 110pit bike and was wondering if anyone has a spair one wich they want to sell because i cannot afford a new one. if anyone has bought a new exhaust for their bike and still has the old one lying around unused please let me no if your willing to sell!! thanks alot harry
  6. ive got a 110 pit bike that i payed £300 for,it wheelies in second gear easily heres a pic http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f254/dubroots125/DSC00890.jpg
  7. how much you asking i mite have it?
  8. would you sell your old pipe you have on it now to me? how much?
  9. show us some pics, mite help
  10. i was thinkin about a 10" rear and 12" front but i didnt think it would be that good(bigger back wheel faster) have you ridden a bike like that?
  11. wots the deal with borekits? its a 110 could it be a 125 or 133 or sumthin???
  12. no but ive ridden it on some harsh bumps and it bottoms out
  13. the fender wont actually hit the back wheel but it look like its to close compared with other bikes heres a pic http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f254/dubroots125/DSC00892.jpg do you think it would be ok on small jumps with a new shock?
  14. i agree to my 110 is faster than my 50cc gilera runner that does about 53 can anyone help me out with my rear shock? ive started another thread on it thanks
  15. i bought my 110cc pit bike about a week ago, it has the same engine as the one you are looking at and goes very well i thrash it every day and havent had any problems (i need to change the shock before i do any jumps though) and a new pipe would be nice, all in good time! i payed £300 for it brand new heres a pic http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f254/dubroots125/DSC00890.jpg