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  1. Truck11

    KTM 690 Enduro R (2014)


    Love the bike! Dislikes - #1 fuel filler location is THE worst location and a HUGE dirt magnet #2 - steering radius/steering stops suck!
  2. Truck11

    KTM 690 Enduro R 2014

    Love the bike! Dislikes - #1 fuel filler location is THE worst location and a HUGE dirt magnet #2 - steering radius/steering stops suck!
  3. I heard these are pretty good. http://motoskiveez.com/ I have not tried them, but might get a pair this summer. A little pricey.
  4. I have 1500 miles and already gone through 2 sets of OEM rear brake pads. Partly due to the brake pedal recall, but still. I also think the pedal is (was) set too high and I must have been riding the brakes. What brake pads should I be looking into? Are the OEM ones Sintered? I ride pretty much everything from commuting to dualsport events to 3 days of Hatfield McCoy trails - including some of the single tracks. - so from dry roads to wet soupy mud. Also - any suggestions on brake fluid brand (was going to get the DOT 5.1)
  5. I love my 690! Taken it to Hatfield McCoy trails 2-3 times already and did a few dualsport rides. I'm sure I would have kicked more butt on the trails on the 500, but then could not have picked my 8year old son up from school and the go out for ice cream on the 500! I figured the 690 was a compromise - with passenger pegs! It is not that much heavier than my prior DRZ400 - which did me well for many years, so I'm able to ride the 690 pretty much where ever I rode the DRZ. Hatfield trips.
  6. Truck11

    690 R to supermoto

    Did you end up getting the 2014? And what about extra set of wheels? I have the '14 and had the same question about the ABS sensor ring.... can you 'retrofit' the ring to an older wheel?
  7. Can the wheels, either SMC or the standard enduro size wheels, from a 2008 690 fit the 2014 690 enduro r without any modification? What about the ABS sensor ring? Can that be added to the older model wheels with relative ease (and not having to buy a whole new brake rotor etc)? I have the 2014 enduro r and want to get an extra set of wheels, but not break the bank even more than I already have! Ideally get a set of SMC wheels, add the ABS sensor rings and be done. OR, another set of enduro sized wheels, use them for the dirt (since I turn the ABS off anyway) and use my current wheel set for street tires. Appreciate the input and any suggestions etc. ~Julian
  8. The stock size MT-21 is 140/80-18 and is worn too much for dirt riding (safely). I have a 120/100-18 Trakmaster II tire that is brand new that I had gotten for my prior DRZ400e. Anyone know if the 120/100 will fit and be ok on the 690? I just don't want to waste this tire if I don't have to. I'm trying to head back down to Hatfield McCoy trails in WV on July 19, so I need to move quickly if I have to order a different tire. I will put the MT21 back on to use up on the street, so I'm not too worried about the Trakmaster wearing out on the street etc. Appreciate any input. ~Julian
  9. There is a mod fore the fuel cap - KTMTwins has one (they are currently redesigning it) as well as CJdesigns. Both pricey though - but on my list!
  10. The 690 was great in WV. 6 of us went and I was the only one who didn't do any soil, rock or tree sampling! I was the biggest and heaviest bike, but I kept pace with the others (ok, most of the time). The bike handled everything I threw at it - suspension was great, steering damper was great and Adventure Spec bash plate got a good work out also - however, the fuel filler SUCKS. hate it hate it hate it. The bike is heavy, heavier than I thought and I think some of it has to do with where the weight is. Very hard to move the back of the bike around thanks to the fuel tank location (loading on trailer for example) A few weeks later I rode the Durty Dabbers dualsport in Lock Haven PA. Again - the 690 was great. I attempted the hero section on Sunday that was single track. Again, bike was heavier than I would have liked it, but manageable. And sadly, I had my first dirt sample :-( pretty funny video. Squirrel with a trip wire dropped me so quickly at the 4:50 mark!
  11. thanks for the feed back. I did end up getting the 690. Love it so far, with a few quirky things to get used to and a few annoyances and one issue that I hope the dealer will address quickly. Love the ABS brakes (on road) - you can turn it off for off roading with a quick hold of a button on the dash. resets if you turn the key off - no biggie. Not sure if I want to spend the $100 for the dongle. turning radius sucks took it on the trails for a quick run and surprised how well it did in the rocks (I hate rocks) issue - Muffler has a weird rattle on decel. Checking with the dealer now on it. sounds like something came loose inside the can. Headed to Hatfield McCoy trails next week for 3 days of trails - hope to survive with a huge smile on my face!
  12. My 690 Enduro R should be coming in the next 2-3 weeks. First KTM for me! What 'accessories' should I be looking into? Steering damper? (looking at the Scott's unit, but it's $$) radiator guard? rear brake shark fin? different skid plate? Anything else I need to do/check to the bike when I first get it? Appreciate the input
  13. I added the magura setup on my DRZ400e - best money spent on that bike! Wish I did it sooner.
  14. Ldman - 1 dealer said "100% that the 690 comes with passenger pegs and grab handles" another dealer stated it was an available accessory. guess I won't know until they have one in hand! Oh..... and ... forgot to mention that I would like to continue (and hopefully finish) the Transam Trail either this year or next. We only did 800 or so miles of it last spring, from Telico Plains TN to Bebe AR, on the DRZ's. just hope the 690 won't kick my ass down at Hatfield - I would never hear the end of it from my DRZ buddy.
  15. Truck11

    Insurance woes.....

    Wow - some interesting replies! Allstate (who I have my house, 2 cars and my camper with) quoted me $485 ($250 ded) and $445 with $500 ded. Farmers..... $258 with $250 ded! All my quotes are for the 'same coverages' on paper. I need to look into any exceptions etc. Would hate to have things not covered since I was in WV or PA vs. VA etc. I understand the increased value and CC 's of the bike, but hard to swallow the huge increase from $114 from the DRZ. :-( oh well.....