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  1. Found the answer now, a 2003 kit will fit !!
  2. Right Chaps, got a 2002 Yz 125 and need some new rad pipes as mine are starting perish a bit so in need of some new pipes. im after either a set of SFS or Samco pipes but they dont seem to list my year of bike. SFS list between 2003 to 2010 and Samco list between 1996-2001 and 2005-2008. So my question is will either a 2001 yz 125 pipe kit fit my bike? or will the 2003 pipe kit fit my bike ? is there much diffrents in between theses years ? Thanks Ricky.
  3. Just spotted this thread and it rocks!! i have 4 sets of plastics in the garage and i know what i will be doing this weekend!!
  4. Oh no them nasty seal savers. I had the sameone's on my husky thought they were great till they eat my sills GRRR if you think about it there like strapping grit/sand paper to you forks and letting it rub up down the fork tube.
  5. Ha well i did sell up and sold my TC250 didn’t want to but it was costing me too much just to ride so sold that and went 2 stroke but unfortunately not husky 2 stroke ended up inheriting a 2002 YZ125 from my brother was a great bike till the i found out the bottom end had gone didn’t even get to ride the thing so pumped a lot of money into getting the best parts i could pretty much replaced everything and even rebuilt the engine in this one my self and its amazing to ride and the punch from the power band is very exciting but i do miss the husky just for the fact it was a husky! heres a pic of the yz all finished Sorry its no husky but i am a husky fan at heart and will hopfully own another husky in the near future.
  6. Glad to see your husky is still going Ricky and strong at that! Keep it up!!!
  7. My old 04, boy how i miss this bike Been a while since i have posted on here!
  8. Are the clamps/ where the pinch bolts go actually opended up? as my yz does this when you take the bolts out it dont actualy free up off the axle ? Have you tried beating back and forwards from both sides to try and free it up? or Just soak it in WD40 or simalar lubricant and if possible lean the bike over for the lube to penatrate the rusted on part and leave the bike for a bit like this then just come back to it later and give a good hard tap.
  9. Aww my Husky, miss it loads
  10. I used millers rubber grease when doing mine!
  11. i use to run motrex 10w50 in mine for 3 years, worked fine! its what you have local to you really.
  12. Is just the petcock thats leaking? if so just take it apart clean and inspect it if all looks good reassmble and try again!
  13. Syntol lubricants make a very good 4t oil for the husky designed for wet clutches and is available in 10w60, i would well recomend there oils! As already mentioned use the search feature dude as theres hundreds of oil topics!
  14. Hmm sounds like the head may have been skimmed as there should be no valve to piston contact even with an aftermarket piston. You seem very lucky not to have damaged your valves with all this.
  15. Nope scratches are not blue as the die goes through the whole plastic so its black underneath! i died my tank and i well chuffed saved me some ££££ too, done a few hours riding and its holding up well only problem i seen is its dying my hurricane graphics black lol but oh well it still looks good. Picture of when i had just put the bike back together with the tank