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  1. so i need a new motor for my 01 yz250f and alll i can find is 07 motors on ebay. will the cylinder flywheel head and things bolt up to it?
  2. on the catalog the pistons only go from 01-04. then 05-07. and 08s by its self. but the ebay piston is for 01-07?
  3. reason why i ask is because i have an 01 that i want to go higher comp. with the complete rebuild i'm doing. new cases and transmission
  5. well i've got an 01 yz250f. will the 08 pistion fit?
  6. oh sweet thanks. well i took it apart and my first gear on my main shaft had exploded, lodged itself in between other thiings and went completely through my cases. so thats a first gear to replace and cases for damn sure haha.
  7. Rebuild coming up. I blew a gear In my tranny and have to replace the cases and all bearings. Gaskets a few gears and. Piston. One hell of a project. Any tips would be great
  8. i can't find it anywhere. my local honda can't even tell me... so do any of you guys know it?
  9. yeah i compared them on fmfs website. i could put the old airbox and subframe.... how do some of you guys have your bikes set up? engine mod/ suspension and how do u like them? i liked my old 250f with the pipe but really wanted more bottom.
  10. with these yz250fs. i bought a used 2001 yz250f from a dealership and the tranny blew up and went through the cases after 2 weeks of riding. seemed like a good deal at first but nope. so now i've got a friend that is selling his 2003 yz250f and i'm going to pick it up next month. i still have my mcs*Billy McClain Suspension* that i can take off the other bike. my friends 03 probally has less than 20hrs on it. but i want to get cams and a hi compression piston. will my fmf powerbomb header and ti. 4 pipe fit on this new bike?
  11. your levers are tore up hahah at least its not your motor like mine
  12. its not the crank that needs to be replaced. its the right case and a few gears.
  13. does anybody know/have one for sale? its an 01
  14. does anyone know where a can find one? i looked alot of places and i couldn't find it.
  15. well a piece of a gear went through my case... i will open it up when i get the money. what all does it take to do it yourself?