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  1. Ok I found an empty connector behind the number plate. Looks to me like I'm missing the clutch switch. Thanks everyone for your help Spin
  2. That has been confusing me. There does not appear to be a switch of any type near my clutch, other than the kill switch. The only cables running to the forks are the clutch cable itself and the kill switch cable. There is, however, a mysterious hole in the bracket where the clutch pivots. Is this where a switch should be do you think? I found this schematic on the Yamaha parts catalog for my bike. http://img454.imageshack.us/img454/104/ttr230clutchswitch6zo.gif The item labled 10 is referred to simply as a switch. It appears to plug into the hole which is empty on my bike. Is this the clutch switch? If so, it appears that I am missing it. If I order a new one would anyone be able to tell me where to plug the electrical end in? Thanks Spin
  3. Bear with me here because I'm a newbie. I looked at the clutch and considered tightening it (which would ensure its pulling out all the way right?). However, when I pull my clutch and then push the lever on the engine block with a screwdriver, I can't get it to move anymore anyway, leading me to believe that it is already pulling out all the way. My 230 and my 225 both seem to have somewhat fishy clutches. When the bike is cold they barely pull out at all. If I rock the bike forward and backward when it is fairly cold it hits hard on the gear one or two times before finally rolling, and even then the clutch drag (is that the right term?) is tremendous (the bike is really hard to push). By contrast my dad's Honda 230 has minimal drag. Is there something that I can try to fix this? Anyone else out there with a ttr230 know if this is normal? Oh. When you say I might need to adjust my clutch, does that mean that my bike should start in gear with the clutch pulled? Thanks Spin
  4. I just bought a (practically) new 2005 TTR-230. It says in the manual that it is able to start while in gear as long and the clutch is pulled. This doesn't seem to be the case with my bike however. I have a 2002 TTR-225 and it can start in gear but the 230 won't. Is this a misprint or is mine messed up? Thanks Spin