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  1. gnu400s

    Heavier springs for USD forks on the DRZ

    Thanks, I had tried that but there was nothing heavier listed there either.
  2. I'm having a hard time finding heavier springs for a 2000 RM250 front end on my DRZ. According to the RaceTech spring rate calculator I should be looking for a .505 kg/mm spring rate but the heaviest they carry is .44 . The stock spring rating of the RM is .435 so I don't think the .44 will make much difference. Where else can I get some quality fork springs?
  3. gnu400s

    Dropped valve?

    Anyone drop a valve just starting their bike? The bike had turned over about 3 times and just stopped. I can turn it by hand about 3/4 of a revolution each way and then stops dead. The bike is a 2001. I know I have to lift the head, any guesses?