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  1. Thanks for the info. How is it held on?? Do you drill & tap the stock flywheel?? Do you need to get the flywheel rebalanced once the weight is attached??
  2. Who's running one? Any recomendation on what weight to use?? Any particular brand?? I'd prefer a bolt-on type so I can remove or change weight to suit type of riding etc...
  3. The power valve may also be gum'd up and not closing properly or seized.
  4. And you can replace the rubber mounts with solid mounts to stop this? Or you need a different top triple clamp with solid bar mount?? Thanks
  5. Sorry OT. Re: Twisting, I had a little prang the other day and the bars are a little twisted (don't seem to be bent), the bar mounts seem to be twisted though (one forward than the other), is this what you are meaning above??
  6. Here in New Zealand "race gas" is typically old avaition fuel ~$1.50/l. Which is leaded +105 octane, this is usually mixed 50/50 with 95 pump "gas". Then there are the proper Race Fuels like, VP, Elf, etc... which are lead free and come in a variety of octane ratings. From memory VP C16 is ~$8/l ooouch!! You can see why Avgas is so popular!!