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  1. e30-323ti

    Flywheel weights. '01 RM-250

    Thanks for the info. How is it held on?? Do you drill & tap the stock flywheel?? Do you need to get the flywheel rebalanced once the weight is attached??
  2. e30-323ti

    Flywheel weights. '01 RM-250

    Who's running one? Any recomendation on what weight to use?? Any particular brand?? I'd prefer a bolt-on type so I can remove or change weight to suit type of riding etc...
  3. e30-323ti

    General 2 stroke question - its an RMX

    The power valve may also be gum'd up and not closing properly or seized.
  4. e30-323ti

    03 RM250 bar mounts ? ?

    And you can replace the rubber mounts with solid mounts to stop this? Or you need a different top triple clamp with solid bar mount?? Thanks
  5. e30-323ti

    03 RM250 bar mounts ? ?

    Sorry OT. Re: Twisting, I had a little prang the other day and the bars are a little twisted (don't seem to be bent), the bar mounts seem to be twisted though (one forward than the other), is this what you are meaning above??
  6. e30-323ti

    Race Fuel vs Octane Booster

    Here in New Zealand "race gas" is typically old avaition fuel ~$1.50/l. Which is leaded +105 octane, this is usually mixed 50/50 with 95 pump "gas". Then there are the proper Race Fuels like, VP, Elf, etc... which are lead free and come in a variety of octane ratings. From memory VP C16 is ~$8/l ooouch!! You can see why Avgas is so popular!!