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  1. more for function than fashion, but i like it. and my honda(sold)
  2. 2001-2003? nice, nice, bike!
  3. 150 boy

    Lets See Some Ktm's!!!

    my 2007 200 xc!
  4. 150 boy

    My new bike. *** is a Shineray?

    are your handguards on backwards or is it just me? nice bike:ride:
  5. 150 boy

    Lets see your off-road 2 strokes!

    nice bikes guys! keep em coming!
  6. 150 boy

    Post your WR's!

    Lets see them WR's!
  7. 150 boy

    What 200 for me,Help me decide.

    i would say go for the 200 xc. if you want lights or somthing like that, the xc-w has a "plug and play" thing going on while i dont think the xc does. i love my 2007 200 xc. its great and has more bottom end grunt than my 250f thumper. my opinion is that the xc is easy to keep in the power because the power is everywhere. i bought the xc because i had heard that the 200 xc-w is a little gappy in the powerband. i ride really tight trails and really fast trails. i couldnt be happier with the 200 xc.
  8. 150 boy

    anyone have a yz250f?

    i am pretty happy with it, but it needs # backgrounds.
  9. 150 boy

    Best looking KTM contest!!!!

    2007 ktm 200 xc almost stock and ready to rock! :blah:
  10. 150 boy

    Pics of your 200's!

    haha, i think my dad signed on to my account and did that. he really wants the new 300 xc-we.
  11. 150 boy

    Pics of your 200's!

    From now on you are "200" Boy...Do you live in a jungle? That is one cool bike. You must have one of the coolest dads ever. Keep the rubber side up. Later dude, 300 man
  12. 150 boy

    Pics of your 200's!

    Here is my bike that i bought used about 3 weeks ago. best bike i have ever owned. thanks for looking!