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  1. What the best blue long rang fuel tank I can buy for a DRZ400S? I want to stay with a blue color if possible.
  2. Your too Bloody good. Just wrote all that down. I will see how lost I can get. Will let you know how I go. If you plan on doing that loop yourself any time soon let me know. Would be great to follow someone who knows where there going. Thanks again,
  3. Thanks heaps for the info. I might try and check out Ben Howard Rd today sounds good. As for North Bend I see allot of guys go there. Do you know what exit I would take from I-90 to get there?
  4. Cheers That looks close to me. Could you give me any more detail as to what road to take out of Novelty Hill. I mapquested Ben Howard although no listing. Sorry just moved here from Aus and have little knowledge of the area.
  5. I am new to the area and I am looking for any fire/service roads near redmond-issaquah. Just looking for anywhere to have a short blast on close to home. Any info would be great.
  6. Don't be so tight ferret, buy the KTM mirrors. Bloody tight Aussies.