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  1. If you have a good one laying around please let me know. Thanks
  2. I am putting new crank bearings and seals in my daughters bike and need to know how far to run the clutch bolts down. They are the 5 bolts with the springs. Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. What should i be mixing my gas to? I just installed a 1990 KX80 engine into an 87 frame and have not fired it up yet. Waiting for the newer cdi box to come in. Thanks
  4. Has anyone tried to hook a 90-91 stator and rotor to the 87 CDI box? Just wondering if the cdi from the 87 will work on the newer motor i installed on my bike or do i have to go buy a new cdi box? Thanks
  5. I have a 86 KX80 i am building for my daughter. I bought a complete engine off &^%$ and the exhaust port does not clear the frame. Could this be the wrong year? I have 3 bottom end engines does anyone know what they are? KX080EE024117-Stock one bad crank KX080EE037151-bought for crank KX080EE057718-This is the one... Now will my 86 top end fit on this lower engine to work? I know the 86-87 were different but can the complete top end work on a later model? Thanks
  6. I have a CDI on ebay right now along with many other XR parts Look me up under user ID 67RSSS396
  7. Ok found out the bike i have is an 86 and i lost the one on ebay. So does anyone here have an extra GOOD lower end sitting around? Thanks
  8. I just purchased a 1985 KX 8o with a bad engine. I found a 1987 lower half for it. Will this interchange with my cyl and head? Also need some plastics if anyone has some. And a seat cover. Thanks
  9. Powroll makes a 4mm over size. This translates to 95cc. I just ordered it and the piston is very nice quality. The 2mm piston is a 88cc.
  10. So i guess i am going to get .20 to .30 shaved off the cyl then to make this work right, has anyone had this done?
  11. Ok so say the 80 is 1cc lower so what will that do to the compression ratio?
  12. Well i didnt use a piece of plexiglass on the top just filled it with water till it looked full...
  13. Ok just cc'd the 80 head at 11cc and the 100 head is approx 12cc to 12.5cc. Does anyone know what my compression ratio will be if i do use this 100 head? Thanks
  14. Does anyone have a guess on this, I just ordered the 95cc 10to1 compression ratio piston kit from powroll and i want to put a 100 head on it due to the bigger ports for better HP gains. Or should i stick with the 80 head?
  15. Has anyone shaved the 100 head to work on the 80cc? If so can you tell me how much i nead to have shaved off it? Thanks