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  1. Anyone have a source/stock number for the PIAA? Chip
  2. There's gas at the Spring Creek Store, About 13 or so miles down 188 from where El Oso road meets with the highway.. This is if you're headed for Globe and US 60, or if headed for the Beeline, Butcher Hook has gas, near Punkin Center. Have fun! Chip in Roosevelt
  3. I just started a thread over at ADV Rider about this.. I'd be watching the Arizona Craigslists for KTM parts.. Friggin' crooks, grrr. Chip
  4. These engines are bulletproof. ATKs are built with easily sourceable parts,too. I've been seeing 3K as a typical asking price also, -work down from there. Have fun with it.. Chip
  5. Supermoto reminds me of TT racing, just with pavement stretches. The tabletop jumps are different than what I remember from 80's TT, but not nearly as high as the MX stuff. Chip
  6. Hope the link works, good racing. Chip
  7. I'm not a big windshield guy, either, but riding my XRL interstate a bunch made me install two things particularly.. A Scotts steering damper and a Cee Baliey's windshield. The windshield works well as a bug-stopper and is a little easier on the bod for long road rides. The steering damper reduces a lot of twitchiness in the bike from truck gusts and such. Chip
  8. 'Course, we can use the old school name, "SuperBikers" I like Supermoto, the Tard thang makes us sound like we ride the Short Bus..
  9. Gel riding gloves, I like the Olympia brand. Chip
  10. Bernies Cycle in Mesa, Good people, decent prices, Talk to Guzzi, he's a trip. Chip
  11. Well, I'll recommend one more, Honda 600/650. My ATK has a 600 in it. The motor has a Wiseco piston and HotCam in it, and that, along with a flatslide Mikuni and Big Gun pipe makes for a very tractable, torquey yet hi-revving engine. Parts are plentiful, and the wide powerband is a joy to ride. Lots of hop-ups available, too. Chip
  12. Excellent, Thank you, Gadsan. Chip
  13. Sorry if this has been asked before.. But is the bad right footpeg problem only found on the XR650R? -Not the L or older 600? Thanks, Chip
  14. I have a Kouba Link, but haven't installed it yet. Where do you get the springs for the front, and what is the part number? I'm watching this thread with interest. Thanks, Chip
  15. Hey, on the speedo front, I've been using a Garmin Foretrex 101 strapped to a bit of foam to the crossbar on my Pig. The 101 is inexpensive for a GPS, gives you speed, ET, mileage and lots of trip info, like time moving. Runs on a couple AA's, and runs all day on that. No wires, squat. Chip