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  1. did you find a suitable solution for the lack of pink plastics? i am in the same situation with my daughter.
  2. were there any clearance issues with the intake/carb hitting the shock mount of the pre'95 frame? Rob the sparky
  3. ok next question. the timing chain was off the sprockets. the bottom sprocket's teeth look quite worn. can this sprocket on the crank be replaced without a complete tear down of the motor?
  4. do you know if it bolts right on or are there any mods to make?
  5. i'm new to XR's . can someone tell me if the XR80 is the same the XR100? i'm trying to do an 'economical' repair and can get a 80's head cheap.
  6. yep, tested the cap and coil as well. i only have 30volts ac from the stator, i believe it should be around 100vac.
  7. i've changed the plug as well.
  8. my cr80 has no spark, i've tried another CDI and ignition coil and am now thinking it's the stator. does anyone know the output voltage the stator is supposed to have? i'd like to test it before i buy another expensive part needlessly.