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  1. alperez

    Boyesen Quick Shot

    I have an '06 CRF 250R.
  2. alperez

    Boyesen Quick Shot

    Are these worth installing to handle the lag problem or should I save the $80 and just send my carb out to get worked over? Help... Thanks!
  3. alperez

    Seat Cover Replacement - Help

    Nice! That is a good idea. I ended up finding an upholstery shop that dealt it up for me at no charge. They did however, ask me not to tell anyone who did it. Go figure. Anyway, seats rocking and so is the ride! Adam
  4. alperez

    valve Q

    I think I am seeing a trend here... I just checked my valves for the firs time tonight. My motor has roughly 3 hours on it. My intake valves are sitting at .005 and .004, however my exhaust valves are at about .008 - .009. From the looks of this post and others, it seems that many of us are finding our 06 exhaust clearance to be less than the advertised .011. Is this cause for concern or can it be left alone with out causing damage? Thanks in advance for any advice. Adam P.
  5. alperez

    ideal weight for the 250

    I am about 160 and my 250 is great. I do feel a slight lack in power in certain spots on the track, but I am sure I can tune that out. A 450 for my body weight and skill level would be over kill.
  6. alperez

    Seat Cover Replacement - Help

    Wheelz, Thanks, I will give that a whirl. Anyone else done this to their rides? Thanks!
  7. alperez

    Seat Cover Replacement - Help

    I recently purchased a new FX gripper seat cover. I removed the OEM Honda cover and noticed they used .25 inch staples. While attempting to install the new one I am running into an issue driving the staples through the plastic. Any suggestions? Neumatic? Longer Staple? Thanks!
  8. alperez

    Just ordered Yoshimura Duals!

    What did that kit run you? Did you get it online or from your LBS? Adam
  9. alperez


    Is anyone running the AMSOIL or Team Honda Woody graphics kit? If so please post pics and where I can should look to purchase them from. Thanks!
  10. alperez

    letters scribed under cases

    i have an '06 with some intentional markings on it as well. Anyone... Anyone...
  11. alperez

    Cheaper oil

    I did my first ride oil change this weekend... After much research and much debate I decided to roll with AMSOIL 10w-40. I have been a fan of Mobile 1 for years. I has never failed me, however each product has its uses. I will likely stick with the HP4 in the tranny or just roll AMSOIL in both sides. Adam
  12. alperez

    Places to ride in North Carolina?

    I live Raleigh near the airport. Both the track in Henderson (aka. NCMP and NC Motorsports Park) and the track in clayton (aka. NC MotoPark East) are nice. Adam P.
  13. alperez

    Spots appearing on frame

    Ok... So I washed the bike of the other week. In doing so, some spots have appeared on the aluminum. What could cause this? Simple green over spray? Is there a way to clean it up? Thanks!
  14. alperez

    Raleigh NC Area

    I have been riding out at MX Park East in Clayton. I went out to NCMP on Sunday for the first time. That place was really cool as well!
  15. alperez

    '06 250R First Ride - Impressions

    I am looking into a set of grips... Any suggestions?