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    Popping On Deceleration

    My pilot jet is stock. Yah, i'm not sure if mine has too much popping or not. It didn't pop before i installed the 262 kit.
  2. I'm wondering what jetting circuit causes popping when I chop the throttle on decel while braking into corners? I messed with the needle and haven't had any luck. Should i change the Leak jet or pilot jet to richer ones? I have a 262 kit on an 07 250F 175 main stock needle 3rd groove 2 turns out on air screw 40 leak jet 90 deg. f and sea level Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Right now! I just got it back together an rode it down the street. All i can say is WOW! It's awesome, and all that i was expecting. I went with a 175 main for now. I'll prolly play with the jetting a little more, but it's great the way it is. Now if it doesn't fly apart, everything will be good. Brett, you were right, it feels as good as a 250 2 smoke, horsepower wise. Thanks again everyone!
  4. Yep, your right, i did get lucky.
  5. Whelp, you were correct sir, there was something seriously wrong. I put the new main jet in this afternoon and there was no difference in power. Out of frustration, I proceeded to tear it back apart and low and behold, one of the valve spring keepers had popped off which caused the valve bucket to rise up a least 1/8 of an inch holding one of the exhaust valves open at all times. Long story short, i had no compression. Luckily, no damage was done and only one keeper was messed up a bit. Thanks for the input everyone.
  6. Well, i called Lukes Racing who sold me the kit and he also said i should try a 165 or 170 main jet. He also said the if that doesn't work, that i may have to tear it down again and send him the parts. I'm going to put a smaller MJ in and see what happens. Hopefully it will fix my problem.
  7. I'll try it, but it just seems like if it's falling on it's face that it would be leaning out from 1/2 throttle up to full throttle, but what do i know.
  8. I'm surprised that with only going up to a 262 kit that it would be so choked up? by the way, i forgot to mention that i'm also running a WB aluminum pro pipe and a 13.5:1 piston. Not sure if that makes much difference or not.
  9. I recently installed a 262 kit on my 07 250F. It has pretty good power from low to mid at best, but falls very flat beyond that. So much so that i'm afraid to try jumps that i would have tried when my bike was stock. I am literaly at full throttle at the stop and it's not pulling. It won't even hit the rev limiter even if i tried. The valve clearances are okay and no changes in shims since before the big bore installation. I'm still experimenting with the jetting, but i'm not sure at this point which way to go. Most of the threads say that people are using smaller main jets from 168-175 range. I went from a 180 to a 178 ans it made the problem worse, so i put the 180 back in. I am at sea level and around 90 deg f. outdoor temp. I would think that going o a smaller (say a 170) would only make my problem worse so i'm apprehensive about ordering a 170 for it. Any suggestions? here are my current jetting specs. 180 main stock needle in the 3rd groove 42 pilot 2 turns out on the air screw mixing 25% 100 octane race gas.
  10. NCMXER

    whats the problem????

    http://www.procircuit.com/PCJETTING.htm They seem to know Kawi's pretty well