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  1. TexasThumper650

    Dr650 Gel Seat - Worth The $$ ??

    Thanks to all that responded. It's good to get info from people that have "Been there, done that". An aftermarket seat seems the way to go.
  2. TexasThumper650

    Dr650 Gel Seat - Worth The $$ ??

    wrw7255, Nice seat ! I really like some of the mods you've done to your DR. Is that a digital speedo, where did you get it ? also is that an LED tail light ? Those rims, Awesome ! Thanks for the info/pics.
  3. TexasThumper650

    Dr650 Gel Seat - Worth The $$ ??

    How does the Corbin seat differ from the stock one ? Would you happen to have a pic ?
  4. TexasThumper650

    Dr650 Gel Seat - Worth The $$ ??

    I love everything about my 03 DR650 EXCEPT the seat. The wife and I take a 28 mile drive and were hurtin' worse than diaper rash !! I've been thinking about a gel-seat. Anybody have one ? Are they worth the price, are they comfortable ? Any drawbacks ?
  5. TexasThumper650

    Any comments on 08 DR650?

    Could not have described the seat dis-comfort any better. The wife and I take a 28 mile trip and were hurtin' worse that diaper rash ! Does anybody have a gel seat, and are they worth the money !!
  6. TexasThumper650

    ams oil?

  7. TexasThumper650

    Base gasket oil leak- 02 DR650

    Well, I just dropped my '03 DR650 off at the shop for a base gasket replacement. I held out as long as I could. They quoted me around 300.00 for the job. Sure wish there was a cheaper alternative, but I just don't have the confidence to do it myself. OH well, It will be worth the peace of mind not having to deal with that HOT oil on my leg and that filthy engine. With a little luck, by this time next week I'll be cruisin' the hood !
  8. TexasThumper650

    ams oil?

    Lots of good info, interesting, I'll have to print it out and study it. Thanks, Ken
  9. TexasThumper650

    Power surging with throttle full open

  10. TexasThumper650

    how fast is the dr 650?

    DDAAAMMMNNNN ! What did it feel like to be cheating death ? Did you have the original "deathwing" tires ?
  11. TexasThumper650

    2003 dr650 &%$#@ base gasket

  12. TexasThumper650

    Base gasket oil leak- 02 DR650

    Thanks for the info, I'm going for a little cruise this afternoon and will be looking for this leak. I've already halfway accepted the fact that I'll be dropping it off at my local dealer for a base gasket replacement very soon. I just can't have any peace of mind knowing that my normally spotless bike is covered in, (and dripping) oil. It's hard to believe that Suzuki has been building the same engine for so many years and can't make an oil tight seal between two pieces of metal. Go figure ?
  13. TexasThumper650

    how fast is the dr 650?

    I've never owned a DRZ400 for comparison, but have had my "bone stock" DR650 since 2003. I can tell you that it's got plenty of power and is fast enough to satisfy any reasonable MC rider on a public street. I've had mine up to 80 MPH with plenty of throttle left. It starts getting a little unstable over 80 even with the addition of 70/30 tires. Anybody out there acually pushed a DR650 to the limit ?
  14. TexasThumper650

    ams oil?

    I've heard some people claim that AMSOIL is better than other leading oils, (to include synthetic Mobil 1 vs AMSOIL), but I have never seen any solid testing documemtation to indicate that it is actually better, ie. reduced friction, improved wear resistance, better cleaning capabilities, etc.). I don't believe that AMSOIL it is any better, (or worse), than any other quality oil on the market today, and certainly not worth paying more for than a quart of Mobil 1. It almost seems that it is has a "cult" following (much like the old Amway, Tupperware, and all of the other pyramid products available today). I've found that most people that provide "testimonials" are dealers/distributors of AMSOIL products. There are vehicles on the road today that have 100,000, 200,000, plus miles on them that run numerous brands of quality oils. Any opinions/inputs out there on this topic ?
  15. TexasThumper650

    2008 DR650 50 state legal?

    To my knowledge, they are all 50 state legal and no "state specific" models are produced. I was experimenting with an emission tester last year and measured approx 60 PPM @ around 1800 RPM on my bone stock 03 DR650. I was surprized that it was so low. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the EPA Federal Emission standard is still 220 PPM, virtually unchanged since 1981. I believe that CA, has imposed emission standards that exceed the federal standards.