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    Calgary SM Riders

    Hey!! Hows it going! I just moved to Calgary like a month ago, and I'm on the lookout for a new bike! Thinking about the DRZ 400SM, and getting an extra set of wheels for dirt riding. I saw a guy riding down Crowchild trail on a DRZ alongside a street bike earlier today, and was wondering how many SM riders are in the calgary area? I dont really know anyone in town yet, and am looking for some ppl to ride with once I get a bike (street or dirt). Do many of you ppl on thumpertalk ride in the calgary area? I'll have a bike in a few weeks I imagine, so anyone that wants to go for a ride, send me a line in a bit! PS. My previous bike was a KX250....how does the DRZ compare to that? I'm looking for something that I can rip around town and the trails on that wont get me in too much trouble by doing 100km/h in 1st gear (ie. a street bike)....you think the DRZ will be a good enough choice for me after a 250 2-stroke MX bike? Or will I feel let down by the performance? Thanks
  2. t_3_

    Riding around Ottawa

    Hey. Just wondering what the riding is like around ottawa? Are there any decent places to ride that are within a hour or so drive from ottawa? Trail riding or tracks. I'm considering moving there, but I need to find out if theres anywhere to ride nearby before I do of course. Thanks