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    Dakar Canceled

    Thanks Mark for the rejoinder. I felt that the all inclusive term of "...the French... ." did "besmirch" anyone French. Nevertheless they were French therefore being painted with the same brush as my first objection. Yes, all 200 of their elite Special Forces personnel . But, French President Zarkosky visited the remaining French troops (nearly 2000) in Afghanistan over Christmas and announced, "There is a war going on here, a war against terrorism, against fanaticism that we cannot and will not lose," he told reporters who accompanied him. In addition he also said, "What is certain is that we have not wanted to give the signal of departure, that would have been a despicable signal at a time when one sees the ravages inflicted by terrorism in the world." I'm not sure where you find that statistic. I see estimates ranging from 3% - 6%, and the CIA Factbook states 5% - (perhaps) 10%. But to return to the topic of the thread. I'm thoroughly disappointed in the cancellation of the Dakar Rally. All the bells and whistles in my office and bedroom began to sound off at 0300h this morning. I forgot to turn all the reminders off after learning of the cancellation. Even Versus hasn't cancelled its reminders. What a mess. Allen R
  2. bufeo

    Dakar Canceled

    I'll assume that this kind of question can be attributed to youth or perhaps to being uninformed. To name a few places: WWII- I'd like to see you make your above statement to a couple of friends of mine who were in the French Underground; Franco-Syrian Rebellion, 1945 - where the French forces squashed a rebellion in Syria; Indo-China - Who can forget the valiant stand at Dien Bien Phu in the spring of 1954? Tell those members of the French Far East Expeditionary Corps that they were cowards; The Korean War - they served along with our forces; Somalia '92 - '92; What's more, contrary to what a previous poster wrote, the French did not cut and run after 9/11, they have contributed forces to the fight in Afghanistan. I'm former Army Security Agency and I can attest to the fact that I have had the privilege of serving alongside many French colleagues. I detest this Francophobe nonsense. And just to set the record straight, I'm a registered Republican who supported President Bush's decision to go into Afghanistan, but I DID NOT agree with the move into Iraq. One of the reasons I don't frequent this Forum is that I find the narrow-minded comments bashing the BLM, the NFS, the Sierra Club, Republicans, Democrats, or whomever to be a poor substitute for reasonable discussion. Oh yeah, and I'm really disappointed that the ASO had to cancel the Dakar Rally. We may never be privy to all the behind-the-scenes deliberations. Allen R (P.S. I'll still come back here to check up on who's riding where in Baja. I just had to get the above off my chest. )