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    I love to ride, if i could i would ride all day every day but i cant i have to work
  1. Bristol that is a very true statement on all of are bikes we have i shocks red barron bars bar mounts footpegs footpeg mounts. and as for you HSB your just an idiot
  2. if you were going to put tires on your pit bike what tires would you buy? and what is a good tire for racing on a dirt track?
  3. i was curious how many people have had to take apart and clean or rebuild their carb because of old varnished gas?
  4. i am curious if anyone races their pit bike at a track and if so do you have any tips for someone who wants to start racing?
  5. your nuts i can buy a crf450 for less then that and i could almost buy a ktm450sx for that
  6. thats sad why do people have to do that? why cant they get a job and buy their own like the rest of us? hey man i hope you find your bike and the bastard who took it
  7. hey BTC20MX talk to moto-mac he sells the offbrand bikes that is where i bought mine. MCDRZ you dont have to tear the bikes all the way down just go through and make shure all the bolts are tight and after the first couple of rides do it again and if you find any that are loose then loctite the loose ones and you shouldnt have to do it again but the spokes you want to check every couple rides forever as you should with any bike. and as for you MOTO-MAC you know my loncin is gona wax your roketas ass.
  8. i realy dont think so moto-mac we will see at the track who wins/and yes lazybones51 an ishock will bolt right up and they are adjustable for your weight so you get the most comfortable ride and a brand-new one runs around $200
  9. hey lazybones51 if you put an ishock on your 50 it would fix your problem with it bottoming out im saving the money to buy an ishock myself because i have the same problem when i jump my pitbike
  10. i agree with you ds66 as long as you have fun on it, it doesnt matter what you have i was just curious how many people have a chinese knock off like me
  11. I was just wondering how many people have chinese clones instead of a real bike? i have a chinese clone myself its a 110cc with a clutch.
  12. i stoped on a dime when i missed the kicker and ran into moto-macs stolen police trailer
  13. i was clocked at 30mph just before i hit the kicker and did a superman seat grab double front flip i was clocked by moto-macs stolen police trailer