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  1. nater37

    Been riding my honda crf450x in the mountains

    any specifics on flywheel or accelerator pumps and I guess u guys were talking about the rekluse clutch?
  2. I have been riding my honda crf450x with my son and he has a honda crf250x. The guys we were riding with had the old honda xr400's and the were like tractors in the tight trails. Are there any suggestions to get our crf's more managable on single track trails. We jetted and they ran good but they are not low geared like the xr's so starting from a dead stop in big rocks and roots and creeks are pretty hard to manage and may not be any way to fix any help would be appreciated
  3. nater37

    2001 gray wire mod wr250

    Thanks guys for all the help I have not had time to go ride it yet but I gave it a test spin in front of my house real fast and eveything seems to be working ok.... nate
  4. nater37

    2001 gray wire mod wr250

    on the left side i found two black wires that come out of the of the cluster and they go to the kill switch, right above the motor I see another 2 wire, cluster has a black with white strip and a gray wire that i disconnected and the bike would not die when I hit the kill switch I guess I still have not found the right spot
  5. I have read about the gray wire mod and it says it is good for the wr250 2001 model also, but when I took off the gas tank i only see 1, 2-wire connection every other cluster coming out of cdi has at least 6 wire so there seems to be only three harnesses coming out of cdi and the 2-wire I disconnected was the kill switch. So does anyone have a better way of going about this??