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  1. It has been a long time since I've visited this site, I thought I'd drop in and see what is new around here, I saw this thread and thought I should post. The RMX was and still is a great woods racer, it may be a few pounds heavier than a newer bike but it can still get the job done! Here is a picture of my '97 after racing a harescramble this past Saturday. The bike is definitly more capable than I am.
  2. "It is OK my child....for your penance you must do two valve adjustments, one o-ring mod to the accelerator pump and then ride your two stroke for one hour, you will then be forgiven.... try not to be so weak in the future." Nice looking bike
  3. I think you can get 19" trials tires now also.
  4. Welcome to the RMX world. Have you done a top end on the bike yet? That is always a good place to start with a used bike so you know it is in good condition. The bad idle is more than likely the carb but you should check for air leaks around the carb boot and then make sure the choke assembly is tight in the carb body as it seems to suck air around it also. Go through the jetting sticky at the top of this forum to get it dialed in the best you can but the PWK is the best way to go.
  5. Nice vids Rhino, That looks like a lot of fun that doesn't take much to setup or a lot of space, I think I will try to setup a similar course at the land our club owns, it would be fun for a little friendly competition and a good place for the adults and kids to practice and play.
  6. +1 You will never get it to idle properly all the time with that carb.
  7. I don't know if they made any changes to that RMX compared to what we have here, motor wise they are the same from '93-'98 in the states, I seem to remember reading somewhere that they used the newer RM motor in newer RMX's in other countries after they stopped importing them here, but maybe I just am confusing that info with another bike??? As Mihylo said see if you can post pictures and we can compare them to what we have here. Is there a European dealer (you said you can't find info in NZ) where they imported the later RMX's that has an online parts fiche that you can compare the part #'s to this one
  8. Bike looks good, it is nice to see an old one restored. I don't think your jetting is far off, make sure the choke assembly is tight and in good condition or it will suck air around it. Go through the jetting procedure in the jetting sticky and you should be ready to rip!!
  9. I do get a lot of good comments on my '97...."an RMX..I had one of those..I loved that bike" whenever I show up at a Turkey Run or Enduro. I was thinking about updating the look of it, I think newer style RM front and rear fenders and change the fork bellows out for some Seal-Savers might make it look about 10 years newer and it would save the original parts for when I want to retire it and mount it on the wall of my garage.
  10. That does look better now that it is clean. The trans only holds 650ml so I change it very often, basically after every ride. With the work you are putting into that bike you should have a nice reliable ride when you are done
  11. Not 70mpg, 70 miles on a 2.9 gallon tank
  12. I have gone as far as 70 miles on a tank (stock 2.9 gal)and it was not empty. Go through the jetting stickey at the top of this forum, 32:1 is fine, it just needs to be jetted correctly for the ratio and oil you are using. If the bike is new to you it is a good idea to do a top end and start fresh.
  13. Great looking RMX. I went with a PWK36 on my '97 and the torque this bike has is like a four stroke, it will pull up hills that it has no business lugging up the way it does, with a trials tire it just grabs traction. I think I have a 42pj and 175mj, it has been awhile since I jetted it so I will check my notes and let you know. I will be installing the thinner head gasket and Wiseco piston this winter, my motor is completely stock right now (it has never been apart) as my bike was like new when I bought it a couple years ago. I did install Renthal 1 1/8" RC High bars with an offset (forward) adapter makes a huge difference in the ergo's of the bike. Mine has conventional forks so it will be different than you USD's but I am about 200# and I went up two spring rates front and rear and it keeps the bike up in the stroke and is much softer in the hacky stuff. Some guys like ATF in the trans but I have good results with Rotella T6 synthetic, it only holds 650ml so I change it often. Keep us posted with your progress and pictures
  14. Eddie, How did the Cometic C7356 gasket kit work out for your RMX? Did you use both the thin head & base gaskets from the kit?
  15. I installed .46 front springs in my '97 and it keeps it up in the softer part of the stroke (I'm about 200#) and is much better in the hacky stuff.