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  1. Grey Fox

    New 2007 250 EXC-F!

    hi auzphil I have 11hrs on o7 . Just modified the exhaust and it sounds great and is a bit sharper. Suspect there is a bog down low. How have uyou found the power now and JD. What did it cost you in aussie $
  2. Grey Fox

    Few questions regarding KTM EXC's

    Hi I have an 07 250 EXCf in Queensland. HAd it registered when purchased. Mostly wanted it registered so I can start to check out rides in National Parks. I made mods to the indicators, lights etc to avoid damage in the bush. I don't intend to use it for straight on road transport because of the relatively high maintenance of modern bikes. A 2 hour road ride could be a whole days worth in the bush-well almost. Great bike. Any Brisbane riders on here?
  3. Grey Fox

    Modified Exhaust- 250-EXCF

    The original muffler was too quiet and could mostly only hear mechnical noise. The mod I did now has good response, nice note and not so loud that it attracts unwanted attention. Replacement parts in Australia are quite expensive-around $600 for a muffler- so it makes good sense to be able to modify the original item. Especially as it is a quality unit. The next mod will be to lighten it, larger exit and ability to add insert to quieten if neccessary.
  4. Grey Fox

    looking for riding buddys S/E QLD OZ

    Hi, I have not heard of MX Mountain- what does it have to offer- what is the riding like?
  5. Grey Fox

    Modified Exhaust- 250-EXCF

    Guess I was wrong-perhaps no one has an answer. well I completed the mod and now I have an awsome mufler. Great sound. Seat of the pants says bot/ mid response is better and and doesn't appear to have affected the top- although I do not spent a lot of time in the top of the rev range. This mufler, considering it is a standard item is fanstastic now it is modified. With the titanium body and inner can removed in weighs in at less than 2kgs. When I have the chance I will bring home the noise meter from work and test. Anyone have the specs for testing?
  6. With 11 hours on the new 07 250 excf (Australia), I decided to have the original muffler modified. I had read up on the Duke Mod but as I did not have easy access to a TIG I decided to take the lazy option and take it to a motorcycle exhaust shop. Next time I won't be so . After spending $175 I am left with a very unprofessional job. Poorly butted inner tubes, untidy external welding on outside of end cap, small welding dags on the inside. Also despite my suggestions the internal can was unneccessarly left in place. So, having learnt my lesson I am now about to modify the modification to remove the inner can (also saves 450 gms) and lengthen the inner tube to bridge the gap left by the short length of tube attached to the inner can. I have not ridden the bike with the new exhaust but it does have a better note and is not too loud. The original outlet was approximately 25mm and is now 33mm ID. The original inner perferated tube is approximatley 35. While the outlet is not as large as some off the shelf mufflers. I would prefer to have more bottom/mid range power and torque as a result to future mods to the bike. My question is: Does a slightly smaller outlet at the end cap (33mm rather than 40mm) have any appreciable affect on low/mid range? My next experiment (now that the lazy attitude has gone) is to make a lighter end cap that will also be approx 50mm shorter and save approx 300gms. This, with the removal of the inner can, should reduce the weight of the original muffler by 600-700gms. Does any one have suggestions on how length of the muffler or the endcap outlet size will affect low/mid range or the general performance of the engine? Thanks in advance for your comments and I hope this stimulates a good discussion.
  7. Hello what are your thoughts when applying the golden rule of sag. Standing or sitting will give different results as when standing more weight is placed over the front of the bike leading to less compression of the rear spring. I had a difference of 30mm. Most of my trail riding is done standing , sitting only for a rest or for tight single track turns.
  8. Grey Fox

    WER damper on 07 EXC250f

    I have found the WER to be very good. Light weight, simple to adjust and very effective. It sits low on the guard so the weight is not up high on the bars and is protected from impacts and I will not be impacted by it. It does not require special bar mounts and does not affect bar height or bar adjustment. I do not wish to replace it. The only problem is I suspect the dealer does not yet have the correct mounting plate to fit the new release 07 EXC. Any one with a similar problem?
  9. I have purchased a WER for the new 07 EXC250f. The supplied mounting plate; whilst cut out to suit the under side of the tripple clamp, is flat. The frount guard rises up in front of the 4 mounting bolts so it appears that the mounting plate for the WER should also be stepper up to be able to clear the guard. I can't see how a flat mounting plate will fit. Also the plastic guard support that mounts from the tripple clamp to the guard would run right through the damper. I had expected to have to raise the light/number plate to gain clearance. Anyone have suggestions? Is it the wrong mounting plate ? Do I need to buy a different front guard?
  10. Grey Fox

    Shock settings 07 EXC 250f

    Thanks Dwight I will set it up per your advice. This is my first KTMand I am hoping it will out perform and handle better than my old wr250f. What is the golden rule- is it your rule or a generally accepted formular for linkless shocks. I had never heard of it before. The info link in your post was good general info on sag setting but it seemed to refer to linkage suspension measurements i.e 90-100 rider sag. Thanks for the effort in your last reply-much appreciated- can't wait to feel the affect.
  11. Grey Fox

    Shock settings 07 EXC 250f

    hmmmm, I thought the sag issue would have been encountered by others with new exc's. Is it different with a linkles shock?
  12. I am trying to set my static/rider sag. As delivered the static is 35 and rider sag is only 50. I weigh 82kg ready to ride. I have been reading about the golder rule and how the ktm's differ from the normal 100 mm rider sag due to being linkless. Any suggestions please? Also the kick starter is extremely difficult to push down. Is this normal-the bike only has idle time on it and not yet ridden. Electric start seems ok. Thanks
  13. Grey Fox

    Free flowing exhaust

    Thanks guys for the response. It took me on a search for mods to exhausts. Mostly found the duke mod. I have not yet seen inside the pipe but the mods seem to remove restrictions and extend the perforated core the full length and increase the diameter of the the outlet in the end cap. Any suggestions on the effect this would have on bottom end torque and power. What would result if 3-4 inches was removed from the length of the outside can?
  14. Grey Fox

    Australian EXC250F

    Picked out the bike today and it is being readied for delivery. Not sure if it is the same as USA xcf-w but might try the SXF needle- thanks for the suggestion. I have a plastic sump guard on hold but can't decide between that or alloy. Have been told the e-line carbon fiber guard and pipe protector are very good. Might see how the price works out buy direct from USA.
  15. Grey Fox

    Free flowing exhaust

    There must be some one out there who has knowledge of this?