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  1. Motocross

    That was a good one.
  2. Maybe a little bit.
  3. Supercross

    No race on my CBS! (Iowa)
  4. I was thinking about getting a 350 for hare scrambles B/A class, but was wondering what it would take to put a radiator fan kit on it? Or maybe it doesn't need a fan kit. I currently ride a 09 200xcw. Anyone run a 350 in H.S.? if so how is it working?
  5. bullet proof guards
  6. Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Looking at getting some short of dual sport. I currently have KTM 2 strokes (250,200) and wood like to get a street legal 450 exc but don't like the price tag. I use to have a 07 450 exc but some guy wanted it more than me. So now I 'm looking at my other options for dual sports. So why bid you buy the DRZ 400 over the other dual sports?
  8. Be Careful!!! Once you ride orange the green machine will be for sale.
  9. I sent my whole motor out to Eric and he turned it into 155 (bore and stroked)with low to mid porting on race gas. Brass-40PJ 440MJ. The only thing I don't like about the motor mod is running high price race gas, But I wanted the most torque and HP I could get. I had 3 KTM 200's and I wanted to try something different so I bought a slightly used 06 yz 125. When I bought the yz it had a 144 kit. I rode it with the 144 kit a few times, but it still was lacking compared to my ktm200's. That's why I had E.Gorr make it into a 155. The 155 has a lot more power everywhere compared to the 144 , but it still is lacking a little on the bottom compared to the ktm200. I am in central Iowa and I'm curtly laid up from a little knee surgery this past wednesday.