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  1. Mickey G

    Palm Springs HWY 111

    I was driving back from PS the other day and noticed a few quads and bikes playing in this sand wash on HWY 111 by the 10 FWY. ANyone know about this place...looks like pretty cool riding.
  2. A little help on replacement parts....I'm sure this will be the first of many fenders so I'd like to find a good parts dealers. Anyone have a suggestion?
  3. Mickey G

    Street legal KTM in California

    I also heard that 07 would be street legal...maybe dealer BS but maybe...if you find out for sure would you send me a email mgfader@aol.com
  4. Mickey G

    Beaumont off the 60

    great tip on the parking any suggestions (other than get a license plate)?
  5. Mickey G

    Beaumont off the 60

    Has anyone riden the area in Beaumont on the 60 right before you hit the 10 fwy? It looks likes its open for riding with some nice trails that beg for the KTM...anyone had experiance there?
  6. Does anyone have an opinion of the best type of skid plate for an 05 450 exc? I use it for mostly trail riding...
  7. I am new to KTM and was hoping someone could give me a little guidance on a used bike I'm considering. The 2005 450 EXC is in great shape overall, but the trip computer shows 110 hours and 1,800 miles. The bike looks showroom clean but the engine hours concern me. I have not done a compression test on the motor yet...any thoughts on the hour/miles combination?