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    2011 YZ450 Flame out continues

    My buddy has the exact same bike with 35 hours on it and it stalled on him a few times out of the blue. Turned out it was the kill switch. At one point he could'nt get the bike started so he disconnected it and it fired right up. He replaced it and the problem is gone. Bad fuel pumps do funny things too. Good luck!!!
  2. It seems the issue has been resolved. I Rode the bike last Sat with the TPS unplugged and then Sun morning I plugged in the Tuner and noticed the T/P setting for throttle valve travel showed 5 at fully closed throttle and and 85 at fully open throttle. I never noticed that or knew it should be set at 0 and 80 respectively. I loosened the TPS and moved it clockwise a bit until it was set at 0 and 80. The factory marks on the TPS are no longer in line, but the bike ran great with it plugged back in. I wasn't too quick to update last weekend becasue there was some doubt that my bike may have run fine on the 2nd day (W/ TPS plugged in) of riding in a row when this problem first started. So, rode again yesterday after the bike sat all week and everything was fine. Bike fired up and never stumpled in the beginning with the TPS plugged in. I'm now pretty confident to report that my problem was caused by a TPS that was out of adjustment. Why or how it was off is beyond me and maybe it's a sign that the TPS is going bad??? Thanks to those who offered up advice!!!
  3. Thanks for the info. I'm having a hard time thinking that it could be the injector. How would unplugging the TPS have an affect on a faulty injector and then all of a sudden make that fault injector work properly? I was going to remove the 2 TPS from both bikes and switch them to see if the stumble followed the one in question. I read that adjusting these can be a real PITA so I didn't mess w/ either, hence swapping the whole assembly. Is that really the case? If I do in fact need a new TPS, will it be a PITA to install and dial in?
  4. Quick update. I swapped the throttle body assembly between the two bikes and the stumbling followed the TBA. Could this be that the TPS needs to be adjusted? It's just strange that the bike will perk back up to normal aftrer about 3 minutes, but runs great with the tps unplugged from the start.
  5. offshores

    Warm up for oil change.

    The manual says, "Start the engine and let it warm up for several minutes." Says nothing about riding it. That's the way I've always done and that's the way I'll continue to do it.
  6. The bike runs pretty bad for a little while and it's only recently done it so I doubt it's because it's cold. Plus it runs fine w/ the TPS unplugged... Just curious what you mean by pulling codes? If my tuner doesn't show any codes then what exactly would I be looking for?
  7. I'll mess with it more this weekend, but I watched this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKWeHYtI9QY on testing a TPS and based on that info my TPS is fine. I'm curious if anyone has an explanation as to why the bike runs rough for 3 minutes and then runs great after that?
  8. I'm not sure if there's something more than the GYTR Power Tuner (which I have) to read codes, but the only S/D Code that either bike throw is #15 when I had the TPS sensor unplugged. Fault code 15 means TPS signal is not received properly (unplugged). Plug em back in on both bikes and there are zero S/D codes. Is the FI diagnostic gizmo something better for reading codes or will the GYTR Tuner I have be suffecient?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'd imagine when you say "the book" that means the manual??? Anyways, the bike that runs great gave me a reading of 4.87 ohms from the TPS and the bike with issues is reading 4.33 ohms. The manual says 4-6 ohms so good on both bikes. I called a shop today and they said they couldn't even touch my bike until next Thursday so trying to tinker around with it myself in the meantime. Like I mentioned, I have the exact same bike sitting next to it so I might try swapping the throttle body assy next. Any other ideas before I do that? Thanks again!!!!
  10. Anywho, checked the valves and they're in spec, removed throttle body assy and cleaned it, disconnected all the electrical connections and blew out with air and it still stumbles. I have another 2011 YZ450F and switched tanks to see if it could be a fuel pump issue and nothing changed. One thing that did make it run much better was disconnecting the the throttle position sensor. I unplugged it and it ran just fine, plugged it back in and it stumbled. So, I'm back to ask if anyone has an idea of what I should try next?
  11. I noticed this a few rides ago. Bike fires up on 1st or 2nd kick no problem, idles great, but stumbles around for at least 2 or 3 mins when I start to ride. Doesn't matter if I'm 1/8th throttle or full throttle, it stumbles. I idle it for a few minutes and then check my oil before a ride so the bikes isn't cold when I take off. If any of you are familiar with taking off in a cold VW Bug/ Bus/ buggy and know that sluggish feeling, that's almost exactly what's happening. It misses, hicups, burps, whatever you wanna call it. I thought it was bad gas because I hadn't ridden the bike for a while and when it all of sudden starting running great after adding new gas I was almost convinced it was the gas. It happened again recently and did exactly the same thing. After about 3 mins it started running great and I rode for a good 90 mins w/o any issues. Again, thought it was the gas because I just don't ride as often anymore. Brought the bike home and changed oil/ filter, cleaned air filter, and pulled tank and emptied it. I got it all buttoned up and added new gas and took it around the block and same thing happens. It's not the gas. Just put in a new plug and no change. Anyone else ever experience this? If so, what was it or what should I start focusing on? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info. the 15 mm extra is gonna be too long.
  13. I just got an 09 KX450F and I need a new spring. I saw one on Ebay for a good deal, but it's 15mm longer than what is speced out for my bike. Will this still work out? It measures the same inner and outer dimensions just a bit longer. It's a Factory Connection ALN-0063 and they recommend a ALS-0063 for my bike. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. offshores

    Looking for a shock spring 09 KX450F

    Thanks for taking the time to check.