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  1. jrtouareg

    2007 WR 250 F Advice

    Wrong on the KTM. All the mags say that the 250F KTM is the most bullet proof engine of the bunch. This months Dirt Rider had torn one down with 60 hours of racing w/no valve adjustments, still within specs. Piston and rings looked brand new. Whats up with that?
  2. jrtouareg

    07 ktm250xc-f-w or 07 wr250

    I don't post much and mostly use this site for information on the bikes like you're doing but noticed that a lot of posters are biased. I will not offer an opinion until I've owned a bike and will certainly not try to talk someone into buying a certain model. I have owned many bikes over 20 years and just recently owned both of these two bikes. I'm also 5'8" and bought the Yamaha because it felt small but struggled with it in the woods. Rode a friends KTM250f and coud not believe how much easier and faster I was on it right away.
  3. jrtouareg

    07 ktm250xc-f-w or 07 wr250

    I've had both bikes (06 WR & 07 XCFW) and sold the WR after 3 months. The WR weighed 252 lbs w/half gallon of gas, the XCFW was 236 lbs w/1 gallon of gas. Even after spending nearly $1000 (full Akrapovic, power nows, JD jet kit) on the WR, it still did not have the grunt off the bottom end like the KTM. The WR clutch drags and you have to drill holes in the hub and install KTM or Honda clutch plates to fix it. And what's up with all the wiring behind the headlight? The steel rear sprocket, thinner spokes, cheap wheels, you can tell why the WR is cheaper. My dealer who sells both bikes tells me the 07 WR weighs the same as the 06 and is now only $300 cheaper than the KTM. You can feel the extra weight in the woods and with no grunt it was exacerbated. I felt like I was fighting the weight. Do not let anyone fool you on the KTM suspension. It is now as good or better than the japs. The KTM handles so much better in the woods. All I did to the KTM was install a JD jet kit, spark arrested silencer and a light kit. Money will be more on the WR if you factor in the dollars you have to spend on the WR and it still will not match the KTM in quality, handling or power. Have you seen how hard it is to change the oil and clean oil screens on the Yamaha? 20 minutes tops on the KTM. As you can see, I learned this the hard way-$$$$. Do a search in this forum and you will find out all the things you have to do to the WR just to get it to run like it is suppose to. You will have to rejet any bike depending on where you live. KTM out of the box is 37.5 HP with bottom grunt. The WR is 28 HP with the free mods. Hard to make that up. Reliability? Read the mags, the KTM 250fs have gone 40-50 hrs. without valve adjustments. Do your homework. You have to do more to that Yamaha than you think. I've had both and you see which one I've kept. Mind you, I'm only a "B" level rider and mostly trail ride with my buddies and do maybe 3 or 4 enduros and 5 or 6 hare scramles a year. I do not like to work on bikes and you see which bike I kept. I now have 40 hrs on the KTM and all I have done is change oil and filters. Checked the valves and still within specs.
  4. jrtouareg

    Now I love my Rekluse

    I too just installed a rekluse and had the "creeping" and could not find neutral before and after the rekluse install. I drilled the extra holes in the hub, installed Honda CRF friction plates and set the gap at 0.040". All the problems have now disappeared. The rekluse is almost a "must have" here in the tight, hilly eastern woods. Now, if I could only make it run as good as KTM 250SXF. BTW, for those of you looking for more bottom end without going the big bore route, Leo Vince just came out with a new exhaust system with a longer header, a couple of inserts and a spark arrestor. I was the first one in the USA to get one. Very high quality, titanium with carbon fiber heat shields and mounting brackets.
  5. jrtouareg

    Rear Disc Guard for 06's

    I have a 2006 wrf 250. My dealer has ordered disc guards from EE, MSR, Moose, and Zip-Ty. Be careful. The caliper mounts have changed from the 2005 wrf to 2006. None of the ones I mentioned above will fit. Zip-Ty and Enduro Engineering has confirmed that the 2006 caliper mounts are different from the 2005 and earlier. So I have to wait until they make one that fits.