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  1. so i put a new cap on and problem solved.
  2. i talked to dealership today and they told me to try a new plug. they said they've head of a couple bikes doing this. so thats what i'll try
  3. i've never had the cover off but i was thinking about that and checked it out. the gasket seemed dry and when i was watching it run, i didn't see any signs of leaking.btw, thanks for everyones ideas
  4. i couldn't find anything like that with google
  5. yeah it has the hole, i blew air threw it before i took the plug out
  6. so i took the plug out tonight and everything is fine with that. it was tight, there are no cracks, color looks good and no signs of blow by. i played around with it inside the boot and it snapped in tight and stayed on very good. i put it back together and ran it on a stand, i couldn't make it come off by just running it.
  7. what do you do about it?
  8. my wife just got a brand new 2012 crf250r and the spark plug wire keeps popping off. i've put it on and felt it snap on very good, then rode 5 mins, bike dies and its back off. the bike has 4.5hrs and the wire has came off at least 10 times. there is nothing pulling on it, its hard to pull off and it seems to seal well to the valve cover. i used zip ties straped across the top of the valve cover to hold it on and it will stay running but when i check it's unsnapped from the plug! any ideas?
  9. some oxy race fuels are highly corrosive and can cause damage if not drained from the system after use.
  10. the base gasket that came with my athena leaked bad. the crush zone on the gasket wasn't lined up wih the coolant hole at all. i put a honda gasket on and it was good to go. i don't know what to say about the cylinder, nicacil is pretty tough stuff so i doubt it is hurt.
  11. that's great to hear, are they using the same core as john@venom? i'd love to see all exhaust end up that quiet, it would do alot to save our sport.
  12. it's not common to "bend' them, they usually just twist the tubes in the clamps. when you loosen the clamps, the tubes staighten right out, retighten the clamps and problem solved.
  13. that's the only way and the right way
  14. one big gain would be not putting fmf exhaust on it. they do more r&d on t shirts than they do with exhaust. mega bomb, what a joke! but should be a good runner with whatever exhaust you choose. btw you'll be closer to 14:1 w/ that crank and piston
  15. the clamp just looks bent, if it doesn't pop up staight when you loosen the clamp, then you need to loosen the nut that holds the clamp onto the bike. i should mention that when i say loosen, i mean loosen until it staightens out then retighten them. i'm just making sure that's clear, not saying your dumb or anything like that.