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  1. Hey There - I've got an 07 DRZ400SM. I bought it with a full Yoshimura exhaust, and I was under the impression it had already been jetted, but now I'm pretty sure it isn't... I performed the 3x3 mod, and now it's got a stumbling problem/flat spot from approximately 70-90% throttle. Below about 70%, it runs fine, and when it gets above approximately 90%, the power comes back on like a two-stroke. I live at sea level. Can anyone tell me what jet kit I need to get it to run right again? Thanks in advance!
  2. scarydriver

    How can I tell if my carb has been jetted?

    That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for! Thanks!
  3. Hey All, Newbie here with a question. I tried searching, and couldn't find what I'm looking for. Maybe I used the wrong search terms... please forgive me if this has been covered. Anyway, I recently purchased an 07 DRZ SM. It's got a full Yoshi stainless exhaust, and a K&N filter. It does not have the 3x3 mod (yet). The previous owner had no idea what I was talking about when I asked him - he bought it used, already modded, and didn't know what the first owner had done. It would seem to make sense that with a filter and full exhaust that it would have been jetted at the same time... So anyway, is there an easy way to tell if it's already jetted? I'm pretty new with carbs, but am very comfortable working on engines and the like. (Just kinda lazy at times!) I don't really feel like pulling the carb and opening it up just to confirm if it has been jetted or not. At the same time, I also don't really feel like buying a jet kit, and going through the work to install everything, only to be replacing identical parts! I'd greatly appreciate any help you all can give me! Thanks, Neil
  4. scarydriver

    Soon to be new owner - few questions

    Awesome, thanks guys! I'm gonna try for $6400 OTD... Can't wait to join the club! Neil
  5. Hey everyone - I'm about to buy a wr450, and had a question. My dad just bought a brand new FJR1300 (about 13k) from a local Yami stealership, so I was hoping that would give me a little leverage for negotiating a decent price - but where should I start? It retails for $6800, right? Should I ask for $6800 out the door? Or should I start lower? $6500 OTD maybe? Or am I just dreaming? Oh yeah, I'm in NorCal - I assume demand, and therefore price would be higher than say, the midwest? I'd appreciate any "ammo" you guys could give me. Oh yeah, I'm going to be riding a lot of sand, in addition to dirt. How much could I expect to find a used rear wheel for, so that I don't have to constantly have a paddle mounted/remounted on the same wheel as the knobbies? Or is that what most people do? Thanks for any help! Neil