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  1. Check the overflow tank cap. There is a small plastic button in the cap that acts like a check valve blocking the fluid when the overflow tank is pressurized as well as allowing air into the tank when there is a vacuum condition. This button deforms when it gets overheated and allows steam/coolant to go out of the overflow tank cap slowly loosing coolant. This happened to me so at $5 I bought two. This and the "Y" solved my heating problems.
  2. There is no problem buying in another state and licensing in Calif. I bought my 450TE in Arizona and paid taxes and license fee at my local DMV (about $600). The Cal taxes were less than the Arizona taxes. Premier Motors in Phoenix saved me about $900. When they inspect your bike at the DMV show them the sticker under the seat for emissions. Also the radiator hose is in the way for reading the motor number. Used a mirror and flash light. If you truck it to the DMV you could remove the hose.
  3. My TE 450 rubs has rubbed the can before. I found that the can frame brackets are pretty soft and if you drop it on the right side the can bends the brackets in. Just remove the right side plastics and remove the can bolts. I us a large crescent wrench to slide over the frame brackets and bend them back into place. No big deal.
  4. I just put an underbar Motosportz dampner on and went for an 84 mile desert ride. I couldn't be happier with it. Really stable in sand and high speed soft jeep tracks.
  5. Why would you want to do this? The stock pipe is light and provides all the power you need plus it is quiet. My 06 TE450 came with the TC can and the enduro can. I tradee the TC can for an IMS tank!
  6. I had the white valve in the cap melt and deform. Couldn't figure where my coolant was going. $6 for a new cap - I bought two. A cap check has been added to my maintenance list.
  7. 62 and love my 06 TE450. 1200 desert and mountain miles. Not one problem.
  8. I bought my 06 TE450 last year from Premier in Phoenix Arizona for $6300, paid $600 more for tax and licence in Calif.
  9. I got 2 cans with my 06 TE 450 from Premier in Phoenix. Traded in the non-street legal can to Malcom Smith for an IMS 4.4 gal tank!
  10. Huskys have a key!!
  11. Just looked at the plug out of my 06 TE450 after 1100 miles and it looked perfect. When I was racing two strokes in the 70's we checked them every ride (or more) and changed them every two or three rides, sometime because of the melted aluminum on them from a holed piston. How do you know when to change a plug on a new four stroke?
  12. Checking my valves this week end. Thanks for making it so clear. Takes some of the aprehension out of the task. Now I see why people say that Husky's are so easy to work on.
  13. I'm 61 and love my TE 450. Just finished a 100 mile dual sport ride all off road. It's so easy to ride and the HP is very controllable.
  14. We have 11 going out. With 4 thumper Huskies. The group is from The Banner is Up. Most of us raced in the 70s. We will be meeting at a red Dakota with an Ivaders flag on it. Come by and say hi.
  15. Looks good. I am ready to buy a dampner. Any idea how much $$$s. Are they making a model for the 2006 TE450?