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  1. Homewrecker

    PSI question

    It depends on the terrain your riding. You'll want to go higher in pressure the harder and rockier the surface is. 15psi for general terrain seems a little high to me. Since where I ride is mostly sand I usually run both at around 10-10.5psi. The lowest I've run is about 9psi and that was for a really muddy track.
  2. Homewrecker

    dialing in my suspension

    I was just browsing my '04 YZ250F Manual and it stated that the Fork Rebound Damping adjustment is at the top while the Compression Damping adjustment is at the bottom - at least that's what the illustrations show. Can someone please clarify.
  3. Homewrecker

    Fmf Q2..worth It?

    Did you have to re-jet the carb at all? If so, what did you switch? I'm looking at getting a Q2 as well along with a Megabomb pipe. The pipe is apparently good for dropping the sound another 1.5db. Power loss is not much of a concern for me - I ride MX tracks but I don't race. I'm more concerned about noise as I like to ride on trails too and the forests around here have 96db enforced noise levels.
  4. Homewrecker

    2000 YZ426 will not run properly

    I figured I would update this thread. We pulled the spark plug and checked for spark. It looked like a good strong spark - blue in colour. I then removed the float bowl and cleaned out the crap that was still left in there. The Pilot Jet looked partially clogged. I proceeded to clean both the main and pilot jets and the bottom half of the carb assembly. We also purged the gas tank and filled it with fresh fuel. Once I put everything back together the bloody thing still wouldn't start. There was a small backfire once but that was it. It doesn't even sound like it's trying to start. With every kick now there is a puff of white smoke/vapour coming out of the exhaust. Could this signify the need for a top end? We're scratching our heads at this point. There seems to be compression - can't kick it over without using the decomp lever. Any ideas??
  5. Homewrecker

    2000 YZ426 will not run properly

    I'm not sure about the fuel being changed. With the choke on the bike will run - once you can get the bloody thing started. He rode around with the choke on for about a minute. It can also be revved with the choke on. But once you take the choke off the engine wants to die. He's changing the plug now so we'll see how that goes.
  6. A friend of mine has a '00 426F. He took it to the shop a few weeks ago because the gas left in it over the winter was not preserved and thus ended up varnishing the carb. The shop cleaned it and everything was fine at the time. When he brought the bike home from the shop he rode it around the block and it ran nicely. About a week later we go out to ride and he finds now that the bike will not run unless the choke is on. We even turned the idle screw to maximum with no success. It seems to be running rich - popping and sputtering at idle. Could it be a fouled plug? Keep in mind that the last time it was ridden it ran fine (arond the block). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Homewrecker

    Kickstart Question

    Probably the easiest thing to do is go to one of the online OEM parts sites and a do a P/N comparison of the '06 vs. the other ones. If the P/N's are different chances are it won't fit.
  8. Homewrecker

    Cars Pulling Bike Trailers

    This is what I use to haul my YZ around: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j33/homewrecker44/Image1.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j33/homewrecker44/Image2.jpg http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j33/homewrecker44/Image3.jpg It's a 4' x 4' Snowbear utility trailer. I picked up the rail from a place that manufactures custom bike trailers. The smaller rail to the left of it is a ramp that locks into a slot at the end of the bike rail. I secure the ramp to the trailer during transit with bolts and wing nuts for easy removal. I originally wanted to buy a Trailer-in-a-bag but after shipping and taxes it would have come to CDN $1400. That's a retarded amount of money to spend for a single bike trailer with no suspension. I paid $299 for this trailer plus $140 for the Rail and Ramp. I also welded in an extra support brace under the middle of the rail. It didn't need it but I love to weld and had some extra metal lying around so I figured 'what the hell'. I use my wife's '01 Grand Am GT to haul it around. I've got an '06 Eclipse I could use but I would never put a hitch on my baby. I can also convert the trailer to hold 2 bikes. I just need to get a second rail and move the one on there over to one side.
  9. Homewrecker

    Copper Crush Washers

    Crush washers are exactly that; they crush once they are tightened down by some sort of fastener. It's a one shot deal and they cannot be restored. As for reusing them, it's hit and miss. Sometimes they won't leak while other times they will. It depends on how smooth and flat the surface that the washers sits on is. As for re-using copper head gaskets, I never have and never will - for both bikes and cars (race engines). It's not worth taking a chance having to redo the job due to a leaking head gasket. Keep in mind, head gaskets also become compressed when they are tightened down and may never seal properly if used more than once.
  10. Homewrecker

    Are all YZ250F's like this?

    I'm a little confused. The leak jet is associated with the AP. Unless you're squirting gas into the engine before starting it how would the leak jet affect how easy the bike starts?
  11. Homewrecker

    ontario riders

    I'm in Brooklin (N. Whitby). I mainly ride Newtonville & the Ganny. Hope to get out to Port Perry sometime soon. My shift schedule (4 days on, 4 days off) at work gives me time off during the week so I'm always looking for people to ride with as most of my regular riding buddies get weekends off like normal people do. I went out by myself yesterday for a quick ride. It was pretty boring.
  12. Homewrecker

    Weekly GTG's (S.W Ontario)

    I thought the Port Perry track was only open on Wednesadays' during the week. As I live only about 30 min away from there I wish it were open more often during the week. Does anyone here ride at Newtonville?
  13. Homewrecker

    Insurance Fines

    I called around for off-road insurance as well. I got the same story about having to have a motorcycle license - which I think is ridiculous. I don't plan on ever getting one. TD insurance (Primmum) quoted me $483 for my YZ250. The only prerequisite is that you have a full 'G' license. My car/house insurance company says they only do ATV's not dirt bikes. I do plan on getting insurance - for the sole purpose of doing alot riding in the Ganny this summer and not having to worry about looking over my shoulder all the time.
  14. Homewrecker

    Erratic Idle

    I checked the boot between the carb and engine and it appears to be intact with no signs of cracking. I did not mess around with the carb as I ran out of time last night. When riding the bike now at low speeds or with the throttle cut the engine still wants to race - so much so that when I try to slow down the engine is pulling against the brakes until I engage the clutch. This is starting to get really annoying. As a next course of action I guess I'll have to start adjusting on the carb.
  15. Homewrecker

    Erratic Idle

    Good info here guys, thanks. I'll start checking tha basics first. We'll hopefully be going out for the season's first ride this weekend so before I open the carb up I'll run the cobwebs out of the bike with a good ride and see what happens from there.