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  1. Oh no. I hear Alfie only won because Malcolm Smith had to stop for a pee on the side of the route and Ricky Carmichael tried to lift one of those boulders and pulled so hard his ass cramped up.
  2. My KDX200 out on the trail somewhere Scar fatbar, polisport guards, hyde bashplate. (Start of 3 fences river, De Wildt)
  3. Here in South Africa it remains the top selling offroad bike. Kawa have bought all the stock they can warehouse and will be selling it for the next two years.
  4. Some news for you CRF230 fans... William Gillet rode one on the toughest race in our calendar, the Roof of Africa rally in Lesotho. He ended up 22nd overall. 400 plus riders (quads and bikes) and 2-3 routes for all the classes, he rode the full national route and beat a lot of riders riding more superior machines. 22nd overall and 7th in the 200 class, what a result. Shows you the CRF230 is a great little bike.
  5. Chill Clinton. Give Russell Campbell a call for all things Kawa, I have Maier fender on my KDX, he stocks them. You in JHB out at one of the mines?
  6. Backfiring? or mechanical noise? Backfiring and popping on decelleration is common , the bikes are sold running really lean from the factory. Remove the plug at the bottom of the carb that covers the mixture adjust, close it totally, then turn it out 2 1/2 turns. Should stop the popping. Other areas to check, spark plug, air filter and exhaust leaks.
  7. Simple.... Suzuki and Kawasaki are not the big friends they were a few years ago. They stopped thier technology sharing exercises.
  8. Must answer two simple questions. 1) will you ever enter races? 2) do you like 4stoke or 2stroke If you ever race its gotta be the KDX200, the others are both in the open 250 class and dont cut it there. If you dont race and like the 2T go for the 220.
  9. Check my KDX in "my garage", I have Maier and Polisport plastics on. Number board is just cable tied in place.
  10. One thing to consider is if you will ever enter any races , the 220 has to compete with the 250's. The 200 is up against the 250 4T's and we all know they are slower ;o) In South Africa anyways, with our racing classes.
  11. Good advice that site, also the two main suppliers are and Most of the stuff on my KLR is fron Dual-Star, can vouch for it.
  12. Enjoy your new bike dude. As for the skid plate, its not a train smash to wait for that, the plastic one takes a beating actually. More important is the rad guard, a dude who rode with me fell on the left side and they quoted him R4000 to replace his dented radiator. Considering a new KLR costs R40000 here thats 10% of the total value. Mine is just right these days, controls, guards, luggage, you will love yours once you get used too it.
  13. Loctite is your friend. Check fasteners regularly. The doohickey "problem" is very debatable, I will be changing mine in the near future though.
  14. nice one dd! Love your DRZ man, we must go ride again in a few weeks when I'm back from the diving trip. Will chat about new bikes and stuff, looks like a KTM950 and then maybe a nice offroad thumper. How do you spell DRZ ?