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  1. That makes sense..... We got the bike back to the truck and it would not start... we did not have the correct wrench at the time to pull the plug. Bike is now going back together, I think it will fire just fine! I'll keep everyone posted, thanks again for the help!
  2. Hello everyone. Trying to help a buddy out with a bike, he has had some trouble with his 07 KTM 450 EXC (RFS). Went riding last week, bike was running well, bogging a big at idle but would come to life fine with a whip of the throttle. There is chance he had a bit to much oil in the bike, as he mentioned to me that when filling it up (previous oil change) it took more oil then normal (I dont know if this could effect what comes next). Oil was just over sight glass. Anyway, we road for approx 1.5 hours (bike was running fine), then hell broke loose. On a hillclimb (tech in woods) his bike died completely. no electical, would not kick start at all on the hillclimb. In the process of trying to get the bike off the hillclimb (so we could work on it on a flat spot), it fell off the lowside of the trail and sat upside down for about 2-3 minutes, it took 3 of us to get the bike flipped back around and back on the trail. We then pushed it to a flat spot, where after a few minutes of kicking the bike we realized it would not fire. E-Start was doing nothing... no power (brand new battery by the way). We then pulled apart the bike to find that the main fuse (15amp) was blown. Had an extra fuse (75 amp) and used that as it was our only hope. E-Start then would work (we did a 2 second test as bike was apart), so we put back on the tank/plastics and thought it was going to be good to go. Then, when trying to fire the bike, it locked up completely. E-Start would try to turn bike over but could not... kicking was dam near impossible. Like the bike had seized. We thought ring failure. At this point we went it to "get the hell out of the backcountry" mode. Towed out, took a few hours, but got the bike back to car. Then the bike would kick over easy (like it should) but would not fire. Our first thought was rings. we though maybe something happened with the piston/rings but after pulling the bike apart, top end looks good. Valves are good, piston good, cylindar good. Only strange things we found when tearing the bike apart were oil in exhaust (a bunch), oil in air box ( a little) and a oily plug. everything else in top end was to spec. Anythoughts on what this might be? dont want to put everything back together untill we find the problem. thanks for any info!
  3. Hello all. Just picked up a rekluse core exp and lhrb kit for my 08 450 exc. I road a buddy's setup like this (on a husky) and was sold instantly. My questions are: Should I ditch the clutch lever all together? When I road my buddy's bike it had no clutch, just a rear brake lever. If I do this, is it as simple as un bolting the clutch line and plugging the line with a non banjo bolt? If I keep my clutch lever. I'm having issue with bar space, my controls all will not fit ( clutch, rear brake lever. Turn signal/light control, hand guard.). Any one have any luck with setup tips? Is there a different clutch lever I should run? It's all stock up there... Thanks in advance! I'm sure I'll have more as I start this install!
  4. Hey everyone, need some help on the purchase of a new bike. I recently started looking at bikes again, after taking 4 years off from my old YZ250F. I'm in need of a plate-able bike, 450 class, that will be mostly a trail riding/ work road ripper that I can still ride over to the grocery store and get a case of beer. I've got a 2008 450 EXCR lined up, it looks steller, 2600 miles, well maintained by a 40 year old dude who seems like the type of guy that gets anything and everything fixed right away and done by a pro, and all the right upgrades (steering stablizer, pipe, ect). I have also read some of the commen issues with this model. Is it still a good buy if the price is right? What should I look for and ask with this particular model? I know water pump, isses with auto decompression, oil trasfer problems, are there fixes a guy whos handy with a wrench can do? I did everything on my old 250, top end, cams, valves ect... Please and thanks, everything helps!
  5. Yea, i just started riding out here and efi would be so sweet for this neck of the woods...
  6. I just picked up a yz250F that has some mods done to it. As far as the motor goes, it has a an overbore kit installed (cylindar bore is 2mm over, now 79mm) with a high compression wiseco piston. The bike also has a gytr titanium oval muffler. I need some advice on jetting for this bike. I normally ride 2 differant sets of elevations, 3500-5500, and 6000-9000. I know these are huge elevation changes, but thats what ya get riding in the mountains of northen utah... Does anyone know a place to start for both these eleavtions, and then I can fine tune from there. thanks guys! Matt
  7. so something like this would work? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Wiseco-Piston-Kit-Top-End-Yamaha-YZ250F-YZ250F-05-07_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35595QQihZ013QQitemZ230242970865QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
  8. Well, my 05 yz250f needs some top end work. The last oil change of the fall 07 season left me with a piece of circlip in the left side cover, which after some research seems to be a part of a piston pin clip. Instead of detinating my motor, I've decided to rip apart, check the piston, and rebuild the top end. This will be my first major motor repair by myself, but looking at the service manual and online guides it reallly doesnt seem to hard, as long as I take my time and do everything to spec. So, my questions are, what specialty tools do I need, and while I am in there, what should I replace? Does anyone make a topend kit for my bike with all the gaskets, and parts needed for the job? I'm not looking for a screaming bike, rather more of a reliable ride, so is there any options there? thanks everybody!
  9. does it make sence that the piston circlip made it all the way down to where I found it, by the stator?
  10. thats what the tech told me today. He said that they may have to re nickle plate the cylindar or worse. anyone know how much that might cost? also, for you gear heads out there is this 100% the piston circlip? are there any other areas I should have a tech check within the motor (ie are they any other circlips in the motor) thanks.
  11. so, i went to that local yamaha dealership today, and was told for parts for a topend it would be 130, and about 300 for them to do it. He said that I could have caught it early enough to do to much damage. Who has done a topend before? Something that I should get into? Or just have a dealership do it all?
  12. now I'm even more worried. Now that I look at what I thought were 2 halfs to a criclip, now look like 2 differant ones. help! pics
  13. I will work on a pic.