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    Just bought a Z-Start Pro

    Hi and happy new year everyone! I have just installed the start pro on my SX-f 250 using the 100% full sunth that I use before (MOTOREX). Why the reason to use a non synthetic oil which can not protect (as i think) my upper part of the engine as the oil that I use.. Is anyone who knows? thank you in advance. Rottela is unable to found in my country...

    Rekluse Z start-pro and oil....

    Hi dancewithtrees. thanks for your info... I have decide also to continue use the full synthetic Motorex that I use..

    Rekluse Z start-pro and oil....

    What setup you runs your z-start pro?? Where you use it?? MX? Enduro? Scrables?

    Rekluse Z start-pro and oil....

    Thanks my friend!!!!

    Rekluse Z start-pro and oil....

    hi , thanks for all interest info!! @rexbond: The maxima 20-50 is Synthetic? do you have any problem? @obgod: The anti Squeal ring is given together? I have not check the box.... @srhodes: how freq you change the oils? I am going to put it ini my KTM SXF250 which recently I made 280 (KTM kit). I race motocross but I am amature.. Where do you think that this clutch help me inmotocross or if I race scrable?
  6. Hi everyone, I have just bought a Rekluse Z Start-Pro for my SXF 250. However I am liitle hesitant with the oil that they recommend. They recomment a Rotella 15W 40 while in my bike I use a Full Syntetic Motorex. Anyone who has any idea why they recommend it? and If I use the full syntetic what will happen? I do not damage my bike using a non racing oil... P.S. In Greece we don't have this oil I have to use something simillar...

    sxf280 kit or sxs parts???

    Good day my friend! Yeah the bike is already awesome. My bike has a Akrapovich and I have recently instal a green spring in the carb. Nothing else around engine and suspension. What is your gearing? You keep the same (I already have 13/52)... Also, the piston is the same? How you order new piston ring if need to replace them. Finally, Ohling you have changed the shock (TTX)? the fork inner part?
  8. Hi everyone!!!! I am owner of a SX-F250 2008 and all we do.. I want to make it better.!! However I am thinking what it is best to do.... To buy the BB kit of 280 of KTM (In Greece it is easyest to find than USA market's BB) or to buy parts of SXS such as intake Cam, springs, CDI?? I am not a pro I am a novice which I like to have a bit more power and torque to help me... Also any other mod (engine / suspension) which anyone made in his bike and he is happy is welcome. Thanks and keep ride!!!!

    Clean engine inside.

    Thanks for all insterest replyies!!
  10. Hi everyone, Recently I bought a second hand SX-F250. I drained the oil and I notices in the oil drain magnet plug metal dust and the oil was very dirty. I wonder how I can clean the engine inside. Have to use synthetic or petroleum base oil? Any one who made this job? Thanks

    oil change on 2007 ktm 250sfx

    Hi!!! Every how many hours you change oil?
  12. Hi everyone!!! I am looking for an other shock to install on a kx125 1995 but I do not know the distacne between the 2 holes. Is anybody who know the distance between the center of this holes?
  13. Thanks all!!! Yes the bike has only 3 hours... I will wait some more hours to break in and then I will do your method. Do you make it using any tool?
  14. Hi everyone, I have just bought a new SX-F250 and I found the fork hard in its first part of its travel. I heard that in order to fix this you have to reduce the oil about 20cc. Anybody who know how I can do it, without open it? Thanks

    RC riding the bike of his choice!

    RM250 2010 is exactly the same as the 2009... I bought here in Greece the RM250 2009 5300 Euro ... which mean 7579 USD....