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  1. aka_tinman

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    I had the same problem. I replaced the tensioner ...cheaper than breaking the motor
  2. aka_tinman

    rekluse clutch pros/cons

    I have the oportunity to pick up one of these new for a really good price. what are the pros and cons of having one installed on my 06 kxf450[ and it worth spending $300 or should I use that money on something else like a stabilizer
  3. aka_tinman

    Graphic kits,,

    I am loking for some hot graphics for my 06 kx450 , does any one know of any other companies that do graphics,, am not impressed with the stuff from N style , fx or one industries. i want something that looks like a molly hatcet album cover from frank frazetta.. an just tired of the ordinary stuff
  4. aka_tinman

    i was just wondering

    I am 47 yrs old and weigh 195lbs about 220 when suited up and on the bike, and my 450 pulls my slow butt around the track just fine ..
  5. aka_tinman

    clutch help

    ths son's crf150r seems to have no pwoer in the straightaways, we just had a new top end put in,,, he thinks the clutch is slipping.. i pulled the clutch pads and rings ,, how do i tell if they are shot and need replacing..we use amsoil on both sides of the engine case. any and all comments welcomed
  6. aka_tinman

    Stripped oil bolt

    well I found a slightly larger bolt with a course thread ,,, it threaded in nicely and tightened down, with a rubber washer on it .. so far no leaks after I let it idle for 5 min and it was still tight,,, hopefully wont have to tap it out now ..
  7. aka_tinman

    Rear axle nut!

    mmm.. I am runnig zip ty axel blocks and axle with a honda nut,, as far as getting the nut off I use a large cresent wrench
  8. aka_tinman

    How reliable are the KX450Fs

    I own a 2006 kx450f .. I love it.. I've had the valves checked twice on it and they never moved out of spec. have not had to do a top end yet. only minor problem was the timing chain slipped, put on new chain and tensioner.. And I am the worst at bike maint,, I just change oil after every 5 to 10 hrs .
  9. aka_tinman

    Stripped oil bolt

    damn cant find a 7mm bolt
  10. aka_tinman

    Stripped oil bolt

    I can get the bolt out ok it just will not tighten down,,, am afraid it will work it's way out when riding and i'll lose oil and blow up my motor
  11. aka_tinman

    Stripped oil bolt

    do they make them that small
  12. aka_tinman

    Stripped oil bolt

    I have a 2006 KX450F, My sons decided to change the oil on the bikes including mine, in their over zelous feat at changing the oil they over tightened the smaller oil drain bolt. I think its almost stripped out as it will not tighten down fully. Any tips on fixing ,,, seems like only option is to drill and tap.
  13. aka_tinman

    Rear Sprocket

    Well the bike was in great shape when i got it ,,, but i suck at total upkeep it only had 30hrs on it .. Ive put alot more on it.. and it still runs strong ,,, Id probably win more races if i wasnt such a puss about getting on the throttle full blast wide open,,, but the beast has great power STILL..... I am sure i got a lot more rides comming out of that bike
  14. I've been tasked with finding some reliable flaggers for the upcoming Amateur Nationals at ACP. Originally, Erv Braun wanted to use trained Police and/or Fire Explorers to do this, but most Explorers are school-age and unavailable during the week. This race is at ACP, in Buckeye, Arizona, so this message is mostly for the AZ folks. If you are interested and can commit to showing up on certain days, please message me. You'll obviously be paid (no firm number yet, but probably in the $50-60 range), and will get into the event for free; also, lunch and drinks are provided. Pretty much your standard Flagger fare. Anyway, this might be a good gig for someone who has the time and just wants to go hang out and watch some great racing, so if that sounds like you, email me. He's not looking to announce/beg for flaggers on race days; he wants it all ironed out ahead of time. Dates are Nov. 6-10, Tuesday through Saturday (This week!). Tues. and Saturday are mostly covered, but Weds through Friday are wide open still. Hours are 7:00 to approximately 5:00. Pam Edgerton (using hubby's login) mxmom29@yahoo.com
  15. aka_tinman

    just a quick questin

    I am 6'2'' and I own a kxf450 ,, best bike ive had so far.. it fits me well,, all stock except for the bars and clamps. clamps are the med height pro tapers to fit the flexx bars. I find this bike to be very roomy for my big frame,,..I ve had a yz426 and a kxf 250 kx250 and a cr 250 and I felt awkward on all.. since i went to the kx 450 i feel more relaxed when riding and less fatguied afterwards