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  1. purcoop5

    front fork oil

    I need to add oil to my front forks.How do I drain whats in there now and how much tdo i refill the top once the fork is drained? Thank you- 06' wr 450
  2. purcoop5

    Running Hot and Lean

    I would say 1-2 for sure (hill climbing) havent really paid attention when riding straight aways.
  3. purcoop5

    Running Hot and Lean

  4. purcoop5

    Running Hot and Lean

    I have an 06' wr 450.It is running lean and hot.Im afraid the head pipe is going to start a fire. Ive done most of the mods- removed ais jetted to 170 from 165 opened the air filter box removed throttle stop changed back sprocket to 51 tooth white brothers pipe(e series). I have not changed the fuel pin clip to the 4th clip yet. would jetting to a 175 make it run richer? the bike runs great and fast,just real hot (head pipe glowing in dark). Is making the bike run richer my answer anyways or is there something else Im missing? thanks for your time!
  5. purcoop5

    What Exhaust are you using

    two brothers -c2 awesome,loud,illegal gytr-nice too two bros sounds awesome
  6. purcoop5

    13/51 Size Sprockets?

  7. purcoop5

    13/51 Size Sprockets?

    I Ride An 06' Wr 450 / Above Avg. Rider / 6'3 -245lbs Im Switching To A 13/51 On My Sprockets Frnt/back.this Will Give Me More Power Down Low(2nd-3rd) Gear,correct? If Not What Will It Do And Should I Try Something Else. I Did All The Free Mods ,i Have A Gytr Pipe,put 120/100-18" Tire On Back. Jetted To A 170mm Jet ,i Have'nt Changed The Fuel Clip To 4 Yet. The Its Faster Than Ill Ever Need But I Want A Little More Power On The Big Fat Hill Climbs (carniegie,etc.) Thanks-
  8. purcoop5

    sprocket nut

    thanks fellas
  9. purcoop5

    sprocket nut

    Is the front sprocket nut a reverse or normal threaded nut?