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  1. I am from Logansport, IN. What about yourself? Also, I ride at the Badlands in Attica all the time. Maybe we can meet up.
  2. So I could get by without refueling on races that are 1.5 hours and shorter?
  3. Hey thanks a lot guys for the replies. I feel that this thread has been very helpful for me. I would have never thought to put a wrist watch on my handlebars. Thanks again guys!
  4. I have a 2.11 gallon tank just like a lot of guys. I consume gas about at the same rate as most as well. It is a 3-4 mile track and it will be a 2 hour race. After what lap should I stop for fuel, or should I just stop half way into it knowing Ill make it to the finish line? Thanks guys for the replies!
  5. I forgot a piece of information before....I think this track is only a 3-4 mile loop. Do I just stop at an hour and fuel up, or should I go later or pit earlier. Thanks again guys!!
  6. Thanks guys for the replies. They will be very useful to me this weekend. Thank god for these forums!!!!
  7. Thanks yzscrambler for the reply. I have 1 more question, as of right now anwyays lol, when should I stop for gas? Again thanks for the reply!! Josh Campbell #227
  8. First of all my name is Josh and I am new to the forum. I have an 03 RM 125 and I am going to run the District 15 HS Circuit full time this year. I would like to know if I will have to stop for gas during the race if it is 2 hours or shorter? Second of all, I was wondering what class(es) I could run in. I would be a C rider but I didnt know if there was more than 1 class I could run in or not. Thank you ahead of time for the replies!!! Josh Campbell #227