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  1. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    I am from Logansport, IN. What about yourself? Also, I ride at the Badlands in Attica all the time. Maybe we can meet up.
  2. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    So I could get by without refueling on races that are 1.5 hours and shorter?
  3. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    Hey thanks a lot guys for the replies. I feel that this thread has been very helpful for me. I would have never thought to put a wrist watch on my handlebars. Thanks again guys!
  4. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    I have a 2.11 gallon tank just like a lot of guys. I consume gas about at the same rate as most as well. It is a 3-4 mile track and it will be a 2 hour race. After what lap should I stop for fuel, or should I just stop half way into it knowing Ill make it to the finish line? Thanks guys for the replies!
  5. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    I forgot a piece of information before....I think this track is only a 3-4 mile loop. Do I just stop at an hour and fuel up, or should I go later or pit earlier. Thanks again guys!!
  6. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    Thanks guys for the replies. They will be very useful to me this weekend. Thank god for these forums!!!!
  7. 03_RM125

    Harescrambles help!!!!

    Thanks yzscrambler for the reply. I have 1 more question, as of right now anwyays lol, when should I stop for gas? Again thanks for the reply!! Josh Campbell #227
  8. First of all my name is Josh and I am new to the forum. I have an 03 RM 125 and I am going to run the District 15 HS Circuit full time this year. I would like to know if I will have to stop for gas during the race if it is 2 hours or shorter? Second of all, I was wondering what class(es) I could run in. I would be a C rider but I didnt know if there was more than 1 class I could run in or not. Thank you ahead of time for the replies!!! Josh Campbell #227