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  1. Thats what I was talking about the other day, dry as a bone or a puddle not much in between.
  2. When I saw you were at teh little clover leaf I knew it was gonna happen. Thats the same thing BP's kid did in the same spot If I remember right. That was funny though, Conditions look about the same as a few days ago.
  3. Dennis is usually pretty amicable to having a group come in on a sunday if he is going to be there, it just takes some coordination to make sure someone else is there. tell him you are bringing in 3-6 potential riders, we almost did this when we bought or250x from Nishna, just never got it together but he was very willing, gotta have the insurance though.
  4. Of course I was joking. Too bad you can't make it, The wife is sick here so I'm def out for the whole weekend. but gotta give to recieve. You guys enjoy Mark, $350 for a place w/in an hour or so isn't bad. a track membership is $250 for a family and you only get the one track! but I definitely would need to try it before I plunked down the cash. Call teh guy, have him describe the plot and offer him $50 for the day to be put toward the membership if it's all he says it is, otherwise he made $50 and you saved 300
  5. Back side rythm section was good, the "track " they just built might as well be concrete. I got suckered into playing golf holly holy hell it was cold, shot 1 under though! I'll see about sunday, but no prmises I'm def out for saturday The bike fotos were to be honest about the way flips bike would look since he's more concerned with adding a few pounds of mud to his precious KTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was out there in a sweatshirt, chest protector, overboot pants and boots/gloves of course and it was perfect. Tell him he's a VBF:cry: Vaginal Blood Fart.
  7. It's not gonna change much in teh next 16 hours....Not enough heat and there was almost no wind BTW. It's still very rideable for an intermediate or better rider, a beginner with little rut experience or confidence in the ruts will just struggle a bit more if they are trying to follow guys blasting though.
  8. Alright i got out ther ar about 2pm today. The lower flats are still a pond, the trails back behind the flats (behind the track) are about the same as the trails in the woods. And the trails in teh woods are either bone dry or little rutted ponds. almost everything is passable but be ready to ride 40% of the time in some form of rut. You will be ridng in ruts through some turns, probably 50% of the turns depending on the trail Most turns are pretty soupy, but you can take a line around the soup and still stay clear of the trees. You can only cross the ravine at the far end and the one spot in the middle, it's about 5 feet deep. I you are timid it is a more dficult ride. I took the same loop around pretty much the whole place slow and tried to pick my way around the mud like a new rider would and it was tough and I slid all over the place into ruts, I rode at a good clip (14-19mph and it was all easily rideable but took some forethought on connecting lines. I tried to avoid most of the mud, there will be time you are gonna have to lift the front end and just go through the random 4-5 foot across pond. After about an hour of riding and 14 miles.
  9. I'm not sure about my weekend plans but I'll go out there this afternoon for an hour or two and see what the conditions are like for y'all. I'm home for lunch and I'll load up the bike and cruise over there after work to give a good report on conditions beyond parking lot sight.
  10. You were just tired from trying to keep up with Nedirtbkr and laughing at me on the ground. I'll throw the bike in the truck tomorrow and cruise over there and post tomorrow night. It is a bit nipply outside today though.
  11. Flip that wasn' even remotely muddy! I think I was the only one that got stuck in any mud ad I was just trying to roost Mike.
  12. issue could be that it is going to be freezing temps at night, so it might be take longer to thaw, then dry out. I'm hoping to ge out there thurs/friday and at least cruise throuh to see if the wife can deal the conditions
  13. well I'm less than 8 miles from SOB and the We got some heavy rain and decent hail. On the golf courses right by me all the ponds are way up and the platt runoff/ravine is swelled up 2 feet above last week. I did not get over theretoday,the wife was not too keen on me ditching the honeydo list for another weekend.
  14. God I need a riding fix before I have to move to Japan. I might have to go get muddy I guess. Nedirtbkr you can buy my house, we are looking to rent or sell it! http://www.militarybyowner.com/listings/tourplus.asp?F_BASE_ID=165&F_STATE=NE&LISTING_ID=25759
  15. 50cc on bikes no way. the sand is too much you'll burn up the clutch and you will spend more time picking them up than riding. 50cc quad would do ok. It's fun for about 4 hours then you've seent he whole thing. I want to say it's closed right now but I'd have to check again. March time frame is the spring dredging if I remember right. and it lasts 6-8 weeks usually. With a small group and low river it's a blast Just before the Fall jamboree is the bast time for bikes because the river is low enough for you to cross it in quite a few places. just after dredging it's too deep for a bike to really get across.