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  1. Viking1

    Another battery ??

    I did not take out the battery when storring it for the winter, in heated garage. I thougt that an all new bike with brand new battery was okey with that! But i learnt the hard way (expensive way) that it was not the right way. It was totally dead and did not respons to charghing. I kontakted a battery specialist and he told me to overcharge/boost the battery with to much amp, to "wake up" the battery and then slow charge. It worked fine...for a while. Now the battery goes dead in a few days, if i dont ride the bike, and now it dosent really respond to charging anymore. So now i have to buy a new battery...and take better care of it next winter.
  2. Viking1

    high mileage DRZ goes pop. Ed?

    Check the compresion, could be it droped a valvehead...
  3. Viking1

    Jetting without a kit

    Come to think of it, I also cut off a litle bit of the long spring that makes the "vacume-thing" go down again (cant remember what it's called in english) To get a better throtle respons...works perfekt.
  4. Viking1

    Jetting without a kit

    Hi, I'm from Denmark (scandinavia) and ride the SM, dont now if it is different from yours in US. But i did the jetting on my own and it runs perfekt. I cut the 3x3 hole in the airbox and lifted the needle with a small shim. Then put in a bigger jet (152.5 i think it was!) and the standard exaust has been cut open and modified for a much better flow ;-) Durring the winter i will put in a KN-filter and a bigger jet, 155 properbly. It runs really good now, but I hope for even harder pull with KN and even bigger jet :-)) Cheers Jesper
  5. Viking1

    How many miles before synthetic?

    Sorry.....see now that we are "on the same team" but still, i dont think you can compare cars with MC!
  6. Viking1

    How many miles before synthetic?

    First of all you can NEVER compare car engines with motorcycel engines, and most certinly not exotic engines like Ferrari and porsche!! Butt what they are doing with the engines, are actualy the same we should do with our bikes, since they are not broke in. Ferrari and Porsche also puts on a special "brake in oil" and change it to synthetic before letting it in to hands of "imbesils" If you read about all the fantastic things and synthetic oil does for your engine....the answer is rigth there! It protect so well the engine will hardly ware up...roughly ecsactuated (cant spell that, but i am from denmark so hope i am excussed) so it makes a lot of sence that the engine brake in purely with synthetic.
  7. Viking1

    How fast & how did you break 90mph

    I ride a 05 SM (15/44) and i do at least 140km sitting up (on speedo) and 155-160 tuckin in. Today i cut open the airbox and put in a 150 main jet and turnt out the fuel screw an ekstra turn. The stock exaust is opent a litle bit. Then i did 155km i strong head vind, then it startet raining so i didnt get the chance to go with back vind. Then it wouldt surely do 165km. But 160 with no vind is proberbly the corrrect speed, still on the speedo that is