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  1. koots_roots

    New DRZ400E Owner Question

    typo, meant 01 not 10. after sitting for about 5 months, i emptied the float bowl, put new gas in but she ain't happening. so looks like i have to bite the bullet and get to know my bike better. any dead clear tutorials you guys are aware of to walk me through this...i need lots of help on this one haha. should i do the JD and 3X3 while im at it? cheers.
  2. koots_roots

    New DRZ400E Owner Question

    is there no way to clean / replace the pilot jet without removing this carb (FCR 39 original - 10 DRZ-E) ??? or is it only the main jet that is accessible from the drain hole?
  3. koots_roots

    British Columbia - no plating offroad specific bikes

    in a society where liability and covering one's ass is more important than actual safety, governments can push small minority groups easily and we will get out of the way by having no choice but to comply to the RIDONKULOUS legislation meanwhile brainwashing some to think that is actually about safety or the environment or _________. as public enemy said it best back in the old school dayz, "welcome to the terrordome!" if the actual BC governement cared at all about the environment, they would realize that these DS bikes save people from trucking/trailering them. it seems to me there are quite a few things happening in BC that are suppressing people's access to the backcountry while promoting heavy industry to take over control, including "ruin of the river" energy export privatizaton, and on and on the capitalistic machine turns....watch out, there coming your way! seems this rant should end with the last verse of clutch's animal farm: "Couldn't Give A Damn About "J.F.K.", Everything's Conspiracy. Wouldn't Be Surprised If They Have Their Way (Tastes Just Like Chicken, They Say.) I Know It's Hard To Swallow. It Must Sound Too Far Fetched. But You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar I Ain't Going Like The Rest."
  4. I have searched and searched (bike and forum) for more details on this, and I can't for the life of me find this. The waterneck on my E has two equal sized bolts which don't appear to be a drain bolts, but just a fastener types. if anyone has a pic or can point me to a fiche drawing of this, that would help. i ended up just bleeding using the top one, hopefully it will be ok. while doing the flush / change, my vapor temp sensor started giving me ridiculous readings (760 celius and above!)....any one ever get this?
  5. koots_roots

    *** Happened???? Loud Pop Sound When Starting

    yea, that was were i WOULD of been headed next. somehow the kill switch i wired into the handlebar unit might not of been grounded well. that might explain why it started fine for 2 - 3 times (while i tested the kill switch) but then didnt start right after. replacing the stock button switch did the trick so ill stick with that. thx for the help fellas! ride on!
  6. koots_roots

    Start/Stop right side handlebar switch

    is a shut-off switch required? im thinking of turfing mine. just spent half a day dealing with no spark issue which lead me to this thing not being wired correctly to my handle bar control unit.
  7. koots_roots

    *** Happened???? Loud Pop Sound When Starting

    yea, i meant no spark at the plug. also, power is coming into the CDI but I don't see any coming out. im going to try test my CDI and ignition coil to see whats up. can i just plug mine into someone else's DRZ to test these?
  8. koots_roots

    *** Happened???? Loud Pop Sound When Starting

    no spark and no power appears to be coming out of CDI. i guess trying this CDI in someone else's bike would confirm whether it is dead or not? there is no dealer in the area here anymore.
  9. I jumped on my 01 E this morning but it wouldn't start...just kept turning over and over. For whatever reason, I turned on my handlebar control unit and hit the ignition button again and I heard a loudish POP sound. I tried again, no POP sound this time, just same as before, turning over and over. Put it back in the shed and drove the truck to work instead wondering the whole way what the hell is wrong with my ride, specifically, what was that POP sound. Can anyone out there help unravel this mystery to this mechanically challenged soul? Last night, after wiring my shut-off switch to the handlebar control unit, I turned the bike on no problem and tested the switch which worked fine. I have read a bit on here regarding when cam chain tension is off, you can blow the motor and this produces a POP sound, but can this happen when the bike is just cranking over?!?! I have a 03 ACCT installed on this, previously it was a 01 ACCT. I am wondering if trying to crank this over again is a bad idea at this point? The electrical appears to be fine... Logical approach to troubleshooting this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. koots_roots

    help with part: case saver / front sprocket guard for E

    yea, ill be doing the same, except the local dealer burnt to the ground recently so i have to order this in. anyone know the part number??? found out that the topar part replaces the sprocket cover only, still need the case guard. rock on TT! http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=304718&highlight=countershaft+sprocket+guard+topar
  11. koots_roots

    help with part: case saver / front sprocket guard for E

    thanks for confirming that. anyone have a stock "S" they want to sell? or at least a link to the part to buy? if a standard replacement is going to cost close to the topar racing one i might as well go with that as i assume it replaces both the cover and case guard in one piece as well as easy cleaning. http://store.toparracing.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TPR&Product_Code=DRC-003&Category_Code=SUZGCS
  12. i read some related threads here but not all im sure...seems bottomless so just figured id ask away. i have an 01 E model which i am changing the front sprocket to a 15 tooth. i had to shave off the chain guard (on the swingarm) just to get the sprocket on but it looks like the case guard (not the cover) will not fit. it says "14" on the guard so im not sure grinding this down (as i heard other did) will even make it work. did the older E models have a different setup than the later models? that would explain the variations i have read about here. so do i need another part? OEM S perhaps (anyone know the part number...?) or aftermarket? the topar racing one looks top notch, any thoughts on that?
  13. koots_roots

    Which gearing - 15/47 or 14/44?

    thx. since its cheaper and a quicker change, i think ill go with 15 up front and swap in the 14 for dirt unless someone can convince me to go with 14/44 for street and 14/47 dirt.
  14. koots_roots

    Which gearing - 15/47 or 14/44?

    hey, im on a 01 E with the stock 14/47 and finding myself doing more commuting on the hardtop and not us much dirt as id like (prob. 70/30). im winding to 7,000 rpm for about 20mins X 2 each day i commute so thinking of switching to 15/47 or 14/44. is there any difference/preference that others have discovered? just curious...thanks.
  15. i have a stock 01 E headlight right now and was looking to pick up a acerbis cyclops but it is now disco'd i just found out. does anyone know if there is a version 2 in the works or what? lot of ppl said good things about them on here... what are the other best/ ~$100 aftermarket options out there you guys are using? is getting a stock S headlamp and fitting it in the E shroud an option? anybody do this without much grief? anyone have a working S headlamp if it does? i heard someone do it with a ktm headlamp so i guess that is an option too. thoughts?