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  1. S´Pot

    2 stroke problems

    does that mean i need to move the clip on the jet needle?????????
  2. S´Pot

    2 stroke problems

    no it was at two and a half turns out,what is the maximum it should be screwed out
  3. i´ve recently bought a gas gas ec 250 in almost new condition.never been off road and had little use in the 2 years since new.the guy was running a completely different plug than specified as he said it was working better for him.i have changed to the specified plug after checking everything over only a heat rating cooler as i was advised bythe guy in the local bike shop.we live in a dry climate at sea level average temperature 25 degrees.the new plug went great for a 45 mins intil i stopped for a rest and it seemed to flood straight after i kicked it over again.the plug was black and wet.i had a spare plug and managed to get home.the air screw was at full lean so i´m wondering if i should first try a hotter plug .......or change the jetting.i didnt set the gap to be honest as the specified gap is 0.024mm which seemed really small to me.i´m new to all of this and would apreciate any help,as i know this is a 4 stroke site ............cheers...stu..
  4. I`m on the verge of buying a 06 crf250r,i´ve read a few things about the bottom end bogging some,what is the best solution,and what sort of money we talking about. is it necessary to change it straight from the off,or run a few tanks through first then see.what is the norm running in for a new 4 stroke,only had 2 strokes before...stuundefined
  5. S´Pot

    honda cre 250/ 4 stroke

    i´m really interested in buying crf 250x or r but i just got back from watching a mx race and a guy rocked up on a crf 250 e/ enduro model.does anyone know anything about these bikes and the difference between them and the x.it doesnt have electric start,but comes with indicators and road ready set up.he is selling it and its almost new with aftermarket pipe and a smaller back sprocket.i just dont know the engine spec etc on this bike.........but i´m really interested..