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  1. Lost my air screw on My yz250, pwk38 carb at the track today. Trying to ride tomorrow but couldnt find a screw anywhere. I pulled the airscrerw out of an old Indy 500 and it happend to fit. I believe the overall length is a fair bit shorter than my yamaha one. WOuld there be any issues running this screw tomorrow so i can still ride? Only problem i can think of is maybe running a tad bit on the lean side? Thanks for any input
  2. Idkwhere your at but Vikery motorsports in Denver has one.
  3. Yamahamx684

    2018 YZ250X Jetting help

    I recently purchased a 2018 YZ250X. I generally ride between 6500-10000 ft in elevation. I am wondering if anyone has any jetting suggestions. Currently have a 50 in the pilot and a 170 main as that what the shop changed out to. 50 sounds like it may be a little on the rich side. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Yamahamx684

    what kind of suspension should i get??

    Pro-Action all the way, best suspension, best service.
  5. Yamahamx684

    No more 450's in 2009 ??

    I bet it doesnt end up happening
  6. Yamahamx684

    The race was great but...WTF!?

    Man what wat the hell was up with Eric Sorby blocking Reed, that really pissed me off, and i imagine it really really pissed reed off, AWSOME race tho!
  7. Yamahamx684

    06 YZF shock

    My shocks leaking oil, seal or pitted shaft?
  8. Yamahamx684

    Do you warm up your engine?

    I always warm it up, alwayas
  9. I learned the easiest way to oil an air filter! Poor the filter oil into a large plastic bag. Seal it, rub the oil all around the bar, put the filter in rub it around, and if you put the rite amount of oil in u get a perfectly oiled filter every time! No sticky fingers etc. trust me try it
  10. Yamahamx684

    explain mx class's

    start him in the begginer or novice class, whatever your local track call it
  11. Yamahamx684

    What do you do before you go Ride??

    I do all those thing, and i always say a quick prayer when im on the line, always.
  12. Thats so retarded, ricky chad and bubba didnt get dq'd. This could really hurt wey entire season
  13. Yamahamx684

    having a little problem

    it fine if your feet are a little off the pegs, look at almost any pics of someone jumping a mx bike and their feet will e off the pegs a littl bie. I guarantee it. But it sounds like yours ar coming of a little to much. Try lightly holding the ga tank with your knees, and remember stay as centered as you can over the bike. I got these tips from John Dowd so i no i'me giving you good advice.
  14. Yamahamx684

    throttle in the air?

    if your coming down from a big jump its good to give a little throttl if theres not much of a landing so that you bring the front end up a little. This makes you land on the rear tire so that you dont bttom.
  15. Yamahamx684

    downshifting while in the air

    ya it fine, it helps a lot if theres a corner right after you land cuz yuo dont need to be on the brakes as gard.